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Trend-Setting Products of 2007: EMC, Exsys, Global 360, Grokker

EMC: Enterprise Content Integration Services

EMC Corporation
176 South Street
Hopkinton, Massachusetts 01748

Outside the US +1.925.600.5802
E-mail: softwaresales@emc.com
Web: www.software.emc.com

EMC Documentum Enterprise Content Integration Services description

EMC Documentum Enterprise Content Integration (ECI) Services has pioneered a unique approach to enterprise search that enables integration of content sources via a single search blank. Utilizing an extensible adapter framework that offers access to any content repository, ECIS provides federated searching across internal and external content sources with a single query. Powerful search analysis tools allow results to be filtered and organized by any criteria, while the federated search server executes multilingual searches with a single request. Its easy-to-deploy architecture leverages existing IT investments, improves utilization and reduces the cost of information access across the enterprise. Leading companies are recognizing that simple, secure and accurate access to extended-enterprise content provides a strategic competitive advantage that can improve both top- and bottom-line results.

Exsys: Corvid

Exsys Inc.
2155 Louisiana Blvd. NE
Suite 3100
Albuquerque, NM 87110 U.S.A.

Phone: +1.505.888.9494
Fax: 1.505.888.9509
Web: www.exsys.com

From Data to Knowledge

Exsys Corvid® software creates web-enabled systems that emulate a conversation with a human expert to provide situation-specific advice and recommendations. Suitable for any analytical or decision-support problems based on logical processes including diagnostics, support, compliance, automated web content, "smart" questionnaires, inconsistency detection and pre-sales advice. The decision-making logic and process of experts is captured in an easy-to-learn development environment. Based on the reasoning of the expert, a runtime Inference Engine uses the logic to drive an interactive session that asks focused questions and analyzes the user input to provide precise advice. Systems can be integrated with existing sites and external databases. Covid makes it practical and affordable to deliver knowledge and advice - not just data - to prospects, customers and employees whenever they need it.

Global 360: G360 Enterprise PM Suite

Global 360, Inc.
2911 Turtle Creek Blvd.
Suite 1100
Dallas, TX 75219

Phone: 214.520.1660
Fax: 214.219.0476
Contact: information@global360.com
Web: www.global360.com

Global 360, Inc. is a leading provider of Business Process Management and Optimization solutions for Global 2000 organizations. With over two decades of experience, Global 360 provides organizations with a competitive edge by automating, measuring and improving resource-intensive business processes across different communities, including customers, employees and partners. Global 360’s unprecedented BPM solutions enable you to link goals to execution, dynamic planning, automating processes, and monitoring systems. You have an end-to-end solution with complete visibility and control. Building on our strength in financial services, government and insurance, Global 360 empowers sites for more than 2,000 customers in 134 countries. Global 360, Inc. is headquartered in Texas with operations in North America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim.

For more information please call 1-214-520-1660.

Grokker: Grokker Search

Groxis, Inc.
30 Hotaling Place, 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94111

Phone: 415.398.0820
Contact: sales@groxis.com
Web: www.grokker.com

Grokker is an information management, research and discovery tool that improves the way people explore, organize and share digital information.

By leveraging the power of query federation, content integration (mashups) and clustering, Grokker extends the value of existing search engines and simultaneously retrieves information from multiple sources such as enterprise content repositories, subscription content, and public web sources. Grokker then dynamically categorizes and provides rich visual representation of integrated search results, allowing unique non-linear exploration of thousands of results on a single page, enabling knowledge workers to find connections amongst disparate content not easily found in list views.

With an intuitive user interface, collaboration tools and flexible deployment options, Grokker maximizes the value of information assets for enterprises, content publishers, corporate libraries and other research-intensive organizations.

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