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Trend-Setting Products of 2007: Abbyy, adenin, Attensity, Brainware

Abbyy: FlexiCapture 8.0

ABBYY Software House
47221 Fremont Boulevard
Fremont CA 94538

Phone: 510.226.6717
Fax: 510.226.6069
Contact: sales@abbyyusa.com
Web: www.abbyy.com

ABBYY FlexiCapture 8.0 is a dynamic data capture solution designed to process a wide variety of paper forms and documents: structured, semi-structured, and unstructured. With automatic classification and data extraction, FlexiCapture gives customers, from small business to corporate departments, the most complete and comprehensive solution possible to manage incoming paper-based forms and documents. FlexiCapture can be easily integrated into existing business processes to deliver high-quality data output. Businesses can quickly and easily leverage the functions of FlexiCapture to perform data capture and streamline business processes, reduce costs and serve customers more effectively.

About ABBYY:
ABBYY is a leading developer of document recognition, data capture and linguistics technologies. Products include the FineReader line of recognition software and development tools and the FlexiCapture line of data capture solutions.

adenin: IntelliEnterprise

275 Madison Ave. Floor 6
New York, NY 10016

Phone: 800.304.1390
Contact: sales@adenin.com

IntelliEnterprise is a sophisticated Intranet Suite for the entire enterprise. Manage, organize and search structured and unstructured information using the Document and Content Management module; increase productivity by automating and streamlining business processes with the Workflow module; and improve team collaboration through online workspaces with the latest Enterprise 2.0 tools via the Collaboration module. The adenin Enterprise Portal provides the personalized environment to combine all these modules and integrate existing web applications. Extend this universal
infrastructure with applications from the adenin Application Park—a repository providing all the ready-to-run applicationsrequired to build a sophisticated, enterprise-class Intranet, like employee directory, organizational charts, dashboards, help desk, forums, wikis, blogs, recruiting requisitions, job candidate tracker, contract manager, and project management. Build and customize portal-based business applications with the Application Builder.

Attensity: Text Analytics Suite

Corporate Headquarters
3600 West Bayshore Road
Suite 200
Palo Alto, CA 94303

Phone: 650.433.1712
Fax: 650.433.1799
E-mail: info@attensity.com

Attensity’s text analytics software rapidly and accurately transforms unstructured data into valuable, actionable information. Using Attensity’s text analytics suite, global enterprises and government agencies automatically extract all the facts from freeform text, integrate these facts with structured data and leverage the fused data set to make decisions. The company’s patented Exhaustive Extraction™ technology enables investigators, analysts, managers and executives to speed detection and response to critical events and issues related to intelligence analysis, insurance claims analytics, service and warranty analysis, customer feedback, and fraud detection. Attensity teams with HP, IBM and Teradata to offer comprehensive solutions integrated with data warehousing and business intelligence systems. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA with a technology center in Salt Lake City, Utah. More information is at www.attensity.com.

Brainware: IDC-distiller
Brainware, Inc.
20110 Ashbrook Place
Suite 150
Ashburn, VA 20147

Phone: 703.948.5800
Fax: 703.948.5887
Contact: info@brainware.com
Web: www.brainware.com

Fast, high-volume, template-free document processing

Featuring truly "Intelligent Data Capture" (IDC), Brainware’s IDC-distiller provides fast, automatic, high-volume, and template-free data extraction from any document type (invoices, customer orders, loan applications, rebates, benefits forms, etc.) for auto-processing to SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, Peoplesoft, and other ERP systems or DMS repositories. IDC-distiller provides unmatched line-item table extraction and "auto-learning" capabilities—and is scalable to process millions of documents a year.

  • Document-Agnostic, Template-Free: Language-independent and forms-neutral,
    IDC-distiller extracts data from all document types—no need to create or update templates.
  • Line-Item Table Extraction: IDC-distiller
    routinely achieves 80% to 90% field extraction rates "right out of the box," easily processing line-item details from lengthy tables.
  • Auto-Learning: IDC-distiller "learns" new document and data types as they’re encountered, quickly generating exponential gains in touch-free processing.
  • Fast ROI: With these & other unique capabilities, IDC-distiller typically produces full ROI in six to nine months.

For more, click to <www.brainware.com.

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