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Trend-Setting PRODUCTS of 2006: Nervana, Noetix, Northern Light, Nstein

Nervana, Inc: Nervana Discovery Solution

Ask Questions, Naturally.
     The Nervana Discovery Solution is a unique technology that allows knowledge workers to ask questions naturally, within the context of their meanings. This intelligent search system results in the powerful discovery of information and insight that arises from unexpected connections.
     Nervana's unique formula of true semantic technology, federated ontologies, and online content services crossing multiple domains and information repositories (internal or external) represents the most powerful, flexible, and naturally intelligent knowledge discovery solution available today.
     Discover Knowledge Without Barriers

Nervana, Inc.
15405 SE 37th Street
Suite 201 Bellevue, WA 98006 USA

Phone: 1.866.NERVANA
Fax: 425.637.1733
Web: www.nervana.com

Noetix: Enterprise Technology Suite

Immediate Access to Business Intelligence
     Noetix provides software that automatically generates metadata from enterprise applications, enabling immediate access business intelligence data. More than 1,300 customers worldwide use Noetix's proven technology, empowering users to quickly generate the ad hoc operational reports dashboards needed for critical and timely business decisions. Unlike most business intelligence tools that require weeks extensive manual mapping to set up maintain, Noetix uses patented technology automatically discover and produce content based on customers' specific implementations of Oracle E-Business Suite Siebel applications.
     For more information, please visit Web site at www.noetix.com.

Noetix Corporation
5010 148th Avenue NE
Redmond, WA 98052

Phone: 425.372.2699
Toll-Free: 866.4NOETIX
E-mail: sales@noetix.com
Web: www.noetix.com

Northern Light: Enterprise Search Engine

     Northern Light offers the highest performance/ lowest cost enterprise search engine available.

     The Northern Light Enterprise Search engine is ideally suited for applications in which high degrees of customization and flexibility are required with features like programmable crawlers and content filters, API's, scripted control options, pre-defined subject and user-definable taxonomies, a fully-trained classification engine, user-definable index fields, and user-definable relevance adjustments based on editorial considerations.

     Northern Light scales to 100 million documents on one low-end PC Linux server and operates at over 200 queries per second on a 5-million document database. In addition, we offer a full range of professional services from onsite training, installation, configuration, and development.

Northern Light
Ten Canal Park Cambridge, MA 02141

Phone: 617.674.2074
Fax: 617.674.2076
E-mail: pr5@northernlight.com
Web: www.northernlight.com

Nstein: Ntelligent Enterprise Search

The convergence of Enterprise Search, Text Analytics and Business Intelligence on one information access platform:

  • Powerful combination of refined search quality, scalability, performance, access to multiple content sources and security
  • Ntelligent Search Zoneā„¢ with automated categorization, clustering, entity and concept extraction
  • Market intelligence applications with Sentiment Analysis for reputation management and public image monitoring on blogs, newsfeeds and forums
  • Customer intelligence applications with Sentiment Analysis for CRM, e-mails and open-end surveys
  • Early warning applications for financial services, healthcare, life sciences and public sectors (*) Trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States, other countries or both.

Nstein Technologies Corp.
75 Queen Street, Suite 4400
Montreal QC H3C 2N6

Phone: 877.nstein.1 or 514.908.5406
Fax: 514.908.5407
E-mail: info@nstein.com
Web: www.nstein.com

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