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Trend-Setting PRODUCTS of 2006: KnowNow, Kofax, Liberty IMS, MetaCarta

KnowNow: Enterprise 2.0 solutions

     KnowNow, a leading provider of Enterprise 2.0 solutions, allows users to specify the information they want delivered, when and where they want it, as it is published. KnowNow offers three unique solutions to help connect people with critical information: Corporate Communications, Market Intelligence, and Alternative Marketing Channel.
     Virtually any type of content can be delivered to the desktop, mobile phone, RSS reader, or PDA. With KnowNow, people have an "always-on" connection to the information that is critical, and the ability to receive that information moments after it has been published, providing them a better way to manage their business.

KnowNow, Inc.
997 E. Arques Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94085

Phone: 1.877.561.KNOW or 1.408.585.1800
Fax: 1.408.585.1801
E-mail: salesinfo@knownow.com
Web: www.knownow.com

Kofax: Document Scan Server

Kofax Document Scan Server
     The Kofax Document Scan Sever allows organizations to add scanning capabilities to any enterprise business application without the need for additional software or disruption of their current business process. The Document Scan Server offers three major features: A Software Development Kit (SDK), a simple appliance and a Management Console. The Software Development Kit leverages Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) to allow a developer to integrate scanning into an existing or new application no matter the operating system or programming language. This services-based document integration provides a tighter integration of scanning to a core application. For additional information on the Kofax Document Scan Server, please go to www.kofax.com.

16245 Laguna Canyon Rd
Irvine, CA 92618

Phone: 949.727.1733
Fax: 949.727.3099
E-mail: info@kofax.com
Web: www.kofax.com

Liberty IMS: LibertyNET


     Liberty Information Management Solutions, founded in 1987, is a leading software provider for the electronic content management industry. LibertyNET provides information management solutions suited for small and medium-sized businesses through large enterprises. Awarded Frost and Sullivan's ‘Best Bang for the Buck', Deloitte Touche's ‘Fast 50' and KMWorld's ‘100 Companies That Matter in knowledge management', LibertyNET is offered in these editions designed to fit your needs:

  • Enterprise
  • Office
  • Professional
  • ASP  

     Liberty IMS sells its products through value-added resellers and OEMs in a variety of markets:

  • Transportation
  • Government
  • Financial
  • Education
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Law Enforcement  

The industry standard in the MFP marketplace

Liberty IMS
The Liberty Building
3158 Red Hill Avenue
Suite 100
Costa MEsa, CA 92626

Phone: 714.751.6900
Fax: 714.432.5335
Web: www.libertyims.com

MetaCarta: Geographic Text Search (GTS)

     Need to find information about a place?
MetaCarta Geographic Text Search (GTS) combines traditional text (keyword) search with powerful geographic search so users can find content about a place and view the results on a map. MetaCarta GTS works with many mapping systems and can help users locate unstructured information in just about any format across the Internet, file shares, and content management systems or repositories.

     Even through technological evolution and future innovation, one constant remains the same—geography. MetaCarta GTS is a unique innovation at the intersection of content management, map technology, and search that clearly puts users' information on the map. For more information, please visit our Web site at www.metacarta.com or call +1 617-661-6382.

MetaCarta, Inc.
350 Massachusetts Ave, 4th Flr
Cambridge, MA 02139

Phone: 617.661.6382
Fax: 617.661.6384
E-mail: info@metacarta.com
Web: www.metacarta.com

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