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Trend Setting PRODUCTS of 2006: ClearStory Systems, Connotate, Cuadra, DocZone.com

ClearStory Systems®ActiveMedia® 7

     ActiveMedia manages the enterprise digital media supply chain—from creation to global delivery—for graphics, video, publishing files, photography, presentations and more.
     ActiveMedia turns this high-value digital content into a true business asset. Extendedenterprise users enjoy an anywhere-anytime shared workspace to organize, share, find, collaborate and distribute digital media across departments or around the globe.
     Leading Fortune 1000, advertising, and media companies achieved rapid return on investment with ActiveMedia as the foundation for their global brand management, cross-channel marketing, collateral automation, and self-service marketing portals.
     Available as both a hosted service and installed software, ActiveMedia gives companies the flexibility to meet their resource, budget, and timeline goals.

ClearStory Systems
One Research Drive
Suite 200B
Westborough, MA 01581

Phone: 800.298.9795
Fax: 508.870.5585
E-mail: sales@clearstorysystems.com
Web: www.clearstorysystems.com

Connotate: Information Agent Suite

     Connotate goes beyond search to deliver actionable Web information and data. Through machine-learning and automation, our platform offers timely and reliable access to high-value, hard-to-find Web content to analysts, researchers, data managers and other knowledge workers. The result is more innovative research; customized data feeds; and unique content acquisition.
     The Connotate Information Agent Suite consists of coordinated applications.

  • Agent Studio™ enables users to create intelligent Agents trained to mine, aggregate, and integrate Web content.
  • Agent Library™ provides an easy-touse environment where users execute personalized subscriptions to Information Agents.
  • Agent Server™ executes Agents to extract, process and deliver content. If needed, it calls on other programs, known as "skills", for added-value processing.

Connotate Technologies, Inc
100 Albany Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Phone: 732.296.8844
Fax: 732.296.0330
E-mail: sales@connotate.com
Web: www.connotate.com

Cuadra: STAR/Digital Assets

Cuadra's STAR/Digital Assets is a robust document management solution used by organizations with the most challenging needs. It makes it easy to capture, describe, manage, and retrieve information, including electronic files of all types. Of note:

  • It is designed for rapid deployment, with the least demand for IT support
  • It has unmatched flexibility and unparalleled value
  • Cuadra has an outstanding reputation for responsiveness and for the quality of its customer support The bottom line: STAR/Digital Assets is painless to set up, easy to use, offers fast, precise browser-based retrieval and, best of all, it is affordable.

Cuadra Associates
11835 W. Olympic Blvd.
Ste. 855 Los Angeles, CA 90064

Phone: 800.366.1390 or 310.478.0066
Web: www.cuadra.com


DocZone: The industry's first hosted XML content management and single-source publishing solution.
The power of XML content management and publishing...finally made affordable as an "on demand" solution!
     DocZone.com™ offers an "all inclusive" XML content lifecycle environment as a hosted application.

  • No hefty capital expenditures for software products.
  • No need for months of analysis or expensive consulting bills.
  • No need to work with multiple vendors or maintain multiple applications on local computers.
  • No extensive customization.
  • All you need is a browser and an Internet connection.

DocZone.com's turn-key platform can be production-ready in 30 days, with an XML-based system to manage multilingual content and automated delivery of technical documentation, journals, training manuals, online help, and website content... all for just a low monthly fee.

21 McAfee Farm Road
Bedford, NH 03110

Phone: +1 603.488.5008
Fax: +1 603.488.5009
E-mail: info@doczone.com
Web: www.doczone.com

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