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Trend-Setting PRODUCTS of 2006: Autonomy, Basis Technology, Brainware, Clarabridge

Autonomy: K2 7

     Autonomy's K2 7 delivers an unrivalled combination of enterprise search capabilities on the industry's leading unstructured information processing platform,Autonomy's IDOL. With improved scalability and performance, K2 7 offers the most complete range of information access methods building on K2's advanced word-based and tunable approaches to parametric search and relational taxonomies while providing Autonomy's automated advanced concept and context-based processing of all file types including video, voice, emails and data. Launched in 2006, Autonomy's K2 7 extends existing customers' investments and provides an automated upgraded to the new standard in enterprise information processing.

For more information, go to http://www.autonomy.com/content/Products/IDOL_K2/index.en.html.

Autonomy Inc.
One Market St.
Spear Tower, 19th Flr.
San Francisco, CA 94105

Phone: +1 415.243.9955
Fax: 415.243.9984
Web: www.autonomy.com

Basis Technology Corp: Rosette Linguistics Platform

     The Rosette® Linguistics Platform (RLP) enables large-scale document handling systems to analyze, index, and search unstructured text in Asian, European and Middle Eastern languages. RLP uses stateof- the-art Natural Language Processing techniques to improve information retrieval, text mining and other applications. It provides capabilities like identifying the language of incoming text, providing a normalized representation in Unicode, and locating names, places and other key concepts from a body of unstructured text.
     Rosette is the world's most widely-used family of commercial software products for multilingual information retrieval. Its reliability, scalability, accuracy, and strict compliance with industry and international standards have been put to the test in high volume transaction environments, such as Google's multilingual search engine, PeopleSoft's human capital management software, and Amazon.com's global e-commerce system. By using RLP, search engines are able to produce accurate indexing and search results in a variety of major languages and powering conceptual search and text mining through entity extraction.

Basis Technology Corp.
150 CambridgePark Drive
Cambridge, MA 02140

Phone: 617.386.2000
Fax: 617.386.2020
E-mail: info@basistech.com
Web: www.basistech.com

Brainware: Globalbrain™

     Brainware's Intelligent Search Solutions... For Your E-Mail, Desktop, and Enterprise Needs Brainware® offers powerful search and retrieval solutions for e-mail, the desktop, and the enterprise. Using natural language queries, Brainware provides accurate, high-speed search returns, even when faced with misspelled search terms.
     OutlookAccess™ is integrated directly into Outlook's toolbar, so you can quickly and easily find e-mails, e-mail attachments, calendar items, notes, posted documents, and more.
     Globalbrain Personal Edition easily locates information on PCs and mapped network drives. Advanced optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities enable searches of TIFF, JPEG, and PDF image files.
     Globalbrain Enterprise Edition provides a single interface to quickly locate information across multiple systems and geographic locations.
     Brainware also offers other intelligent data capture solutions for invoice processing, order-to-cash, document indexing, and claims processing, dramatically reducing data entry costs and schedules.

Brainware, Inc.
45925 Horseshoe Drive
Suite 100 Dulles, VA 20166

Phone: 703.948.5800
Fax: 703.948.5887
E-mail: info@brainware.com
Web: www.brainware.com

Clarabridge: BI Search

     Founded by pioneers in the business intelligence (BI) industry and backed by a premier venture capital investment partner, Clarabridge is an emerging leader in text mining software.
     Clarabridge award-winning solutions link the worlds of text mining, search, and BI to enable businesses to leverage all their data to make better decisions. Unlike traditional approaches that are inflexible, expensive, and time consuming, Clarabridge's patentpending software uniquely combines the best of the structured and unstructured analysis worlds, allowing businesses to greatly extend the value of their existing BI investments.
     Clarabridge BI Search™ uniquely enables users to query enterprise BI content using an intuitive search interface. Clarabridge Content Mining Platform™ is the only enterprise-class solution that rapidly enables knowledge workers to directly mine text alongside existing structured data, using standard BI tools and analysis techniques, to address a host of real-world business needs.

3130 Fairview Park Drive
Suite 300
Falls Church, VA 22042

Phone: 703.663.2500
Web: www.clarabridge.com

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