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The Universe of Search: ISYS Search Software

Some desktop search tools offer proper security, broad enterprise-class functionality, a flexible architecture, and a history that spans 18 years of demonstrated success.

Others don't.

While the big dogs continue to fumble out of the gate, ISYS:desktop is delivering measurable results everyday to a variety of organizations, including law firms, criminal intelligence units, government departments, recruitment firms and corporate enterprises.

Since 1988, ISYS has delivered on the promise of desktop search. More than 11,000 organizations worldwide have adopted ISYS:desktop over the years. Customers like the Department of Homeland Security, Goldman Sachs, Greenpeace International and countless others benefit daily from ISYS' mature technology. No other vendor has come close to shipping a desktop search product that offers:

  • Boolean, proximity, phrase and meta searching
  • On-the-fly categorization and taxonomy tools
  • Support for more than 140 structured, semi-structured and unstructured formats
  • The ability to gather and extract data for subsequent processing
  • Centralized management and administration tools
  • An architecture capable of indexing and searching billions of documents
  • Security features that ensure your administrators rest easy at night

Visit our website for additional information, demonstrations and free trial versions of our desktop, network, website and intranet search applications.

ISYS Search Software Inc.
8775 E. Orchard Rd. #811
Englewood, CO 80111

Phone: 800.992.4797
E-mail: info@isys-search.com
Web: (www.isyssearch.com)

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