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The Legal Market Sourcebook: Zylab

ZyLAB is a leading provider of legal Information Access Solutions, with over 20 years experience and hundreds of thousands of worldwide users. Our ZyIMAGE product suite offers legal professionals a full array of advanced and secure investigative technologies to help ensure more efficient overall information management.

ZyIMAGE's comprehensive XML-based platform allows our customers to archive, search, and manage millions of pages of digitized paper and electronic files, even multimedia and e-mail. ZyIMAGE's open, modular construction means solutions can be built to fit our customers' actual budgets, internal processes, and needs. Innovative tools are available for

  • Advanced e-Discovery and e-Disclosure
  • Fast document review
  • Text-mining and automatic translations
  • Contract management
  • Records management

…and much more. High-quality search and retrieval features support over 200 languages—including Arabic, Russian, Korean, and Mandarin Chinese—as well as 370 electronic formats.

ZyLAB has a wide breadth of experience and knowledge across a variety of industries and business applications, particularly those involving back-office management, legal proceedings, and auditing. Our government customers include the FBI, IRS, SEC, Amtrak's OIG, all branches of the US military, the US Justice Department, and several district courts and attorneys general's offices around the country, to name just a few. ZyLAB is also proud to include such well-known companies as Anheuser-Busch, Akzo-Nobel, and Pacific Life among its corporate customers.

ZyLAB North America LLC
1577 Spring Hill Road, Suite 420
Vienna, VA 22182

Phone: 866.995.2262 FAX: 703.991.2508
E-mail: info@zylab.com
Web: www.zylab.com

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