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The Legal Market Sourcebook: Tower Software

TOWER Software, the world's leading enterprise content management (ECM) provider to government and regulated industries, delivers award-winning information management solutions. Our product,

TRIM Context 6, enables organizations to have compliant, secure and authentic information available to make confident business decisions. TRIM Context 6, AIIM E-DOC Magazine 2006 Best of Show award winner for ECM Suites, is a tightly integrated ECM solution capable of managing and securing the full range of corporate information assets through its complete lifecycle and beyond. In a single application TRIM Context incorporates: document management, email management, web content management, collaboration, process management and records management.

Don't be led into complacency:

  • Backup tapes cannot substitute for a compliant information management system.
  • Auto classification doesn't substitute for a human brain. Give your employees the tools they need to do the job right.

Your legal team will be able to find the documents they need to mitigate your organization's risk for compliance and e-discovery with TRIM Context. Imagine being able to prove that any document that has been destroyed has been based upon enforceable retention policies and procedures. How about being able to lock down documents for legal holds across your entire enterprise with a single search? Would you like to have audit logs of everyone who viewed or revised a document? The TRIM Context solution can be deployed in your organization faster than you think. Contact us today—so you can sleep better tonight.

www.towersoft.com/na 800-255-9914 na@towersoft.com

TOWER Software
12012 Sunset Hills Road
Two Discovery Square, Suite 510
Reston, VA 20190

Phone: 800.255.9914 or 703.476.4203
FAX: 703.437.9006
E-mail: na@towersoft.com
Web: www.towersoft.com/na

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