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The Legal Market Sourcebook: Brainware

Brainware, Inc. offers intelligent search solutions for e-mail, desktops, and across the enterprise. These solutions enable attorneys to perform natural language, full text, and content-based searches of all the documents in the firm, including those stored in document management systems, litigation support applications, and emails including their attachments.

Where keyword and full-text search engines fall short, Brainware's Intelligent Search & Retrieval solutions excel. Using natural language queries, Brainware's solutions return pinpoint accurate results fast—even when faced with varying words, misspelled search terms or illegible documents.

Brainware's suite of Intelligent Search & Retrieval solutions include:

  • OutlookAccess™—Integrates directly into Outlook's toolbar to quickly and easily search and find e-mails, e-mail attachments, contacts, notes, tasks and posted documents. Searching and working with results is done completely within Outlook. Visit www.brainware.com to try a full-functioning 30-day trial today.
  • Globalbrain™ Personal Edition—Allows a single user to have intelligent search and categorization capability of data that resides on local hard drives or mapped network drives. Search collections of PST files, electronic documents, image documents and more. Visit www.brainware.com to try a full-functioning 30-day trial today.
  • Globalbrain™ Enterprise Edition—Provides direct access to centralized repositories for group, departmental, site and enterprise-wide knowledge sharing and dissemination. Reposito-ries can be document management systems, case management tools, mail servers, file servers, databases, intranets, and more. Use the APIs to embed the intelligent searching functionality into your existing applications.

Brainware, Inc.
Dulles, VA 20166

Phone: 703.948.5800
Fax: 703.948.5887
E-mail: info@brainware.com
Web: www.brainware.com

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