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The AI business value continuum (Video)

In a presentation at KMWorld 2018, Jeremy Bentley, CEO and founder of Smartlogic, looked at the business value of AI and AI business continuum, and the role of humans in making the potential a reality. 

I talk about the business continuum because it is about business value. We start off with automated intelligence, assisted intelligence, or rented intelligence, and artificial, or autonomous intelligence,” said Bentley. “I think, from about 2010s, we got about as far as the assisted. Now, I think the next decade is maybe getting us over there. But I do not believe we're getting to be replaced by human beings in our entirety as autonomous decisions support vehicles anytime soon.” 

According to Bentley, “Subject matter expertise is paramount. Humans provide the knowledge, the context, and the meaning. People in this room are really important in that angle, because you know how to codify knowledge into ontologies and taxonomies in a way that most other people don't know how to do properly.” 

That is how people “impose” the meaning into the machine,” he said. “It is an interplay between human and machine. It plays to each’s strength. We have the creatives, they've got the repetitives, and metadata is how you encode context for the machine. Take that view, use semantics to do all the metadata, ontologies, and LP, all that stuff done, add it to your machine learning experiences, add another piece of human expertise called knowledge management, and you'll get quite good results. The business will understand it because you've helped the business encode it.” 

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Watch the complete video of this presentation, AI: Tech + Humans = Improved Bottom Line in the KMWorld Conference 2018 Video Portal.

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