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Szilvia Horvath, President & CEO, ELO Digital Office USA discusses Content Analytics - The Holy Grail of Knowledge Management

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While AI-powered technologies and blockchain will continue to dominate IT trends for 2019, the data generated by these technologies continues to grow exponentially. And, that data landscape covers a lot of territory including both structured (i.e., payroll and HR) and unstructured data (i.e., emails, images). Making business sense of all this data is an ongoing challenge for organizations. Document management and enterprise content management solutions certainly help to organize corporate knowledge. But, gleaning the right insights at the right time may be the holy grail of knowledge management.

Enter—Content Analytics.

Content analytics provides a systematic way to transform your data into actionable knowledge that drives the best business results. When part of your content management strategy, content analytics paves the way for agile decision-making that will accelerate time-to-market, optimize your operations, and mitigate risk. Moreover, it can enhance knowledge-sharing with employees, customers, and partners, and ultimately improve your bottom line.

When looking for a content analytics solution, consider these capabilities that facilitate adoption and ongoing use:

  • High-performance search enabling you to analyze and structure data in seconds.
  • Rights management/permissions to ensure data privacy.
  • Custom views for rapid insights.
  • Visualizations for interpreting statistics and complex data.
  • Customized dashboards that combine visualizations and statistical data.
Your data is growing—make the most of it with content analytics that can unleash the power residing in all of your data resources.

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