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Solutions will rule at June's IKMS Expo

In addition to educational sessions and case studies from leading knowledge management experts, attendees of the International Knowledge Management Executive Summit June 8 to 11 in San Diego will see new technologies delivered by about 40 vendors delivering knowledge management tools.

Here is a look at some of the newsmakers on the show floor:

At IKMS, ByteQuest (www.bytequest.com), a designer and developer of Web-enabled scalable knowledge management software solutions, will feature the latest version of its knowledge management system, ByteQuery. ByteQuery provides life cycle management of all forms of documents within a single security and classification structure (knowledge map) that supports compound folders and multiple repositories (including Exchange 5.5), according to the manufacturer. In addition, its folder-enabling API allows folders and documents to be integrated with line-of-business and workflow applications.

Chrystal Software (www.chrystal.com), recently announced new applications to improve translation process management and extend information via database replication, remote user access and the Web. Chrystal Web Services will provide online access to all content stored in Chrystal's flagship Astoria product for readers with access privileges seeking information. Advisor is designed to eliminate the need to print and distribute a document to initiate the review process. Envoy is designed to optimize the translation process for companies with complex product lines and multilingual documentation requirements. The Remote Authoring application will provide access to the Astoria repository for outsourced or contract authors who do not have standard networked access. A new replication and distribution feature will permit coordinated content access and reuse from different locations across the enterprise without requiring expensive, high-speed, long-distance network connections, according to Chrystal.

Dataware Technologies (www.dataware.com) will exhibit the Dataware II Knowledge Management Suite, a software solution for capturing, managing and sharing knowledge assets. The suite unifies access to intranet resources, including document management and groupware systems and links users to subject matter experts within the organization. Dataware will also preview technology enabling users to search intranet and Internet resources with a single query, presenting results in a single list.

Enigma (www.enigmainc.com), a provider of electronic publishing solutions to corporate, government and commercial publishers, will showcase its flagship electronic publishing software application, Insight. Insight is equipped with a built-in viewer, search engine, automatic table of contents and hyperlinking capabilities and an automated user setup. Typical applications of Insight include: technical documentation, reference publications, electronic textbooks, policy and procedure manuals and catalogs.

Retrieval technology vendor Excalibur Technologies (www.excalib.com) will display Excalibur RetrievalWare products for large-scale knowledge retrieval tasks. Excalibur RetrievalWare is designed to help organizations initiate collaboration and innovation, facilitate knowledge sharing and create new products quickly and efficiently, to increase competitive advantage. Excalibur also offers a line of video analysis and retrieval products to help media-rich organizations capture, analyze, browse, search and retrieve all types of video-related assets.

Fulcrum Technologies (www.fulcrum.com) will exhibit the Fulcrum Knowledge Network for managing corporate knowledge bases. The Knowledge Network is an integrated product that connects and organizes diverse information sources across the enterprise. With a single query, users can find information in Web servers, file systems, Microsoft Exchange folders and mailboxes, Lotus Notes repositories and Fulcrum SearchServer applications.

InfoMation (www.infomation.com) will demonstrate Echo, a software application that enables businesses to better manage their knowledge assets. Using standard Web browsers, Echo retrieves, integrates and delivers highly focused information from a variety of sources--including the Web, news feeds, news groups and internal company systems. Echo is deployable as part of a corporate intranet, Internet or extranet solution to manage and share corporate knowledge.

IntraNet Solutions (www.intranetsol.com), a provider of Web-based document management solutions for corporate intranets, will demonstrate the new ODMA-enabled version of Intra.doc MS Version 3. IntraNet SolutionsÕ Web-centric adoption of ODMA benefits users by letting them check in and publish information directly to the Web--an advance over traditional ODMA client-server implementations where information is published first to a server and is not immediately available on the Web for consumption. Users will be able to publish documents to Intra.doc Web repositories directly from any ODMA-compliant application, such as Microsoft Word, WordPerfect or Adobe FrameMaker.

Knowledge applications vendor Kanisa (www.kanisa.com) will present its vision of delivering the right knowledge to the right person at the right time, at the point of decision. A presentation will illustrate the impact of knowledge delivered proactively in call center and Web self-service situations. Kanisa will explain five requirements necessary for knowledge management to generate a significant ROI.

Modus Operandi (www.modusoperandi.com) will feature its All Business knowledge management approach for improving business performance. All Business improves business performance by aligning the strategy, process and technology activities of the enterprise, according to the manufacturer. It is designed to help: strategic leaders clarify goals and make sure that decisions are goal-driven; operational managers identify critical activities and measure performance of those activities; and information technology managers build systems to support enterprise operations and strategic aims.

ServiceSoft (www.servicesoft.com) is introducing Intelligent Self-Service Customer Support at the show. The solution is designed to let users provide state-of-the-art self-service support to customers, employees and users. ServiceSoftÕs ÒSmart Answers on the ÔNet" is designed to empower users by interactively and intelligently guiding them to the solutions to their problems. With ServiceSoftÕs products, customers and employees--via the Internet or corporate intranet--can answer their own questions whenever they need to--even late at night, on the weekend or during the busiest support hours of the day, according to ServiceSoft.

WisdomWare (www.wisdomware.com) will demonstrate software-based Òjust-in-time" coaching and knowledge-sharing solutions for making sales, marketing and customer support organizations more effective. WisdomWareÕs E@SY system provides quick answers, training reinforcement and just-in-time advice that helps salespeople make more effective sales calls.

WisdomWare's CEO and founder, Bob Schmonsees, will also be a speaker at the event.

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