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Signavio, Dr. Gero Decker, CEO Explains How Process Thinking Leads to Success

Signavio helps you achieve operational excellence

One of the major attractions of BPM is it can help organizations manage change, and thankfully, businesses are increasingly recognizing this. More and more companies understand the importance of being process-centric to stay ahead, and to ensure they can draw effective insights from their own data.

Many organizations use a “process view” to reach a shared understanding of their business, and as a tool to improve their processes and thus their efficiency. I am pleased the number of BPM software users worldwide also continues to rise rapidly, reflecting my view that process and decision management should be tangible and accessible for all organizations, and their employees.

But I also want to move further. A “process view” helps up to a point, but what then?

Looking into the future, it is the businesses and organizations that adopt process thinking as part of their DNA that will be most successful. These organizations will adopt “process” as part of how they structure and manage their business, truly empower their internal process owners, and build a cohesive, outcome-oriented working culture. By consistently tracking key process indicators, these organizations will also be able to quickly and continuously ?reinvent themselves in response to changing conditions, and react more easily to new ideas.

In short, my vision is to see BPM move from “a thing we do” to “the way we do things.”

Gero Decker is co-founder and CEO of Berlin-based Signavio GmbH, which offers a Business Process Management and Decision Management solution.

800 District Avenue, Suite 180
Burlington, MA 01803
Tel: 978-320-5040
Email: info@signavio.com
Website: www.signavio.com

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