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SEARCH Provider Profile: Connotate

With billions of Websites and an estimated 600+ billion Web pages, traditional information storage and retrieval processes are not enough; web and enterprise search methodologies require a diligent combination of strategy, process, and technology. Given the continued growth of the internet and enterprise intranets, there is an over-abundance of data and information; sorting through this sea of information in a timely and usable manner, and filtering out the most useful information and intelligence, is becoming increasingly difficult.

Connotate reduces this enterprise search bottleneck through the use of machine-intelligent Web and database Information Agents™.

Information Agents are unsurpassed in their ability to abstract and deliver precise, normalized data from the Web. Using machine-learning and automation, Connotate has harnessed the Web, transforming it into actionable intelligence and fueling data and information dependent workflows.

Connotate’s Agents are trained to do anything a human can to monitor, identify, extract, deliver and integrate information from the Internet, intranets and extranets. The Information Agent Suite™ is a robust and scalable platform, designed for both end users and technologists. An intuitive GUI supports fast, easy configuration of Agents and requires no programming.

Agents deliver precise information to email, pagers, spreadsheets, databases, RSS and other devices. Agents also “XML enable” web sites, making them accessible through a rich web-services API. Connotate Agents can create uniquely powerful solutions for Hedge Funds, Finance, Media/Publishing, Pharmaceuticals, Homeland Security, Business Intelligence and Information Integration.

For more information, visit our website at www.connotate.com or email sales@connotate.com.

Connotate Technologies, Inc.
100 Albany Street, 2nd Floor
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Office: 732.296.8844
Fax: 732.296.0330
E-mail: sales@connotate.com
Web: www.connotate.com

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