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Records Management Market Leader Report: QL2

Information Integration Solutions Improve Records Management Effectiveness

The proliferation of data repositories—departmental databases, spread marts, email repositories, etc.—across the enterprise has caused huge records management issues. The conventional solution is to consolidate repositories so that all records reside in a single location where they can be accessed, destroyed or disseminated as required by compliance and regulatory protocols. This solution is costly, a drain on IT resources, and will likely take a long time to implement. Fortunately, this is not the only solution available.

WebQL from QL2 Software is capable of navigating through data networks—inside or outside the firewall—to find and extract records on demand regardless of file type (Word, PDF, email, HTML, etc.). Effectively, records can be accessed as if they were in a single repository regardless of location.

This approach allows critical electronic records to continue to exist in their native repository or legacy systems while their whereabouts and other information can be simultaneously integrated into existing records management policies and directories. Enterprise-wide record sweeps can be done on- demand minimizing the risks associated with non-compliance.

To learn how WebQL can solve record accessibility and integration problems contact us for a demonstration or proof of concept. Visit our web site at www.QL2.com, call us toll free at 800.750.8830, or email us at sales@QL2.com.

QL2 Software's web mining and unstructured data extraction solutions empower business intelligence, enterprise search, and text analysis applications for large companies and institutions throughout the world. With more than 30 customers in the Fortune 1000, QL2 provides the data that drives the enterprise. For more information, visit www.QL2.com.

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