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Quick take at KMExpo

OK, I'll say it: There's a lot going on at KMExpo. There's no way we at KMWorld can tell all (we'll try again after we've been there). But here's a quick list of some cool things exhibitors have planned:

  • Centillion Digital Systems, #1933-Centillion will demonstrate V 4.0 of Destiny, its Web solution for digital asset management.
  • Dakota Imaging, #2403-Focusing on offering solutions based on customer needs rather than pitching a single product, Dakota Imaging will show the public what its partnership with Israel-based TIS' means. Attendees can see how Dakota's traditional Unix-based forms processing strength and TIS NT-based script and credit card applications come together.

  • Datacap, #2414-Datacap will feature demonstrations and a just-released Doculabs' benchmarking study of its Task Master 2000 capture solution. The company will also introduce the newest part of that solution: iCapture Server, which will extend Task Master 2000 capabilities to intranets and the Internet.

  • The Delphi Group, #2715-Also sponsors of the Empower'98 Conference at KMExpo, Delphi's on-floor booth will include a look at its ongoing KM research, including new research on Best Practices in Knowledge Leadership and KM2: Delphi's methodology for conducting a knowledge management audit.

  • Documentum, #1512-Documentum will give Expo attendees a chance to see how EDMS 98 can automate the end-to-end life cycle of business-critical documents.
  • Hyland Software, #1800-Drilling down on specific modules, Hyland Software will concentrate on delivering presentations of new features of its Onbase 3.5's Web server and workflow modules. Look for Hyland partners at the booth to demonstrate specific applications including a tool for capturing, organizing and enabling pharmaceutical information on new drugs.
  • Intraspect, #1016-Intraspect will display its newly released Intraspect 2.0. The product, which is used to manage sales information over corporate intranets, offers new features including enhanced user interface, notification and subscriptions, object level policy-based access control and password authentication. Intraspect, which announced a new round of financing-$4.5 million from its original backers-also will have on hand its new president and CEO, Jim Pflaging.
  • Kanisa, #3313-Kanisa will illustrate the impact of knowledge delivered proactively in call centers and Web self-service situations, as well as explain five requirements necessary for knowledge management to generate significant ROI.
  • Metamor Technologies, #2119-Metamor Technologies' managing consultant Paul Lionikis and Internet principal Geoff Baird will demonstrate the knowledge management solutions they have implemented at Fortune 500 companies including Aon Risk Management and Ha-Lo Industries.
  • Modus Operandi, #1518-Modus Operandi will announce a new seminar series with topics including the business of learning, knowledge management technologies and knowledge architectures.
  • The Molloy Group, #2500-Molloy recently announced Knowledge Bridge V 1.2. The new version of the customer problem resolution software adapts neural net technology and fuzzy logic along with an enhanced user interface.
  • Microsystems Technology, #1806-MTI is introducing Version 2.3 of OCR for Forms. New features include Microsoft's standard VB scripting capabilities, a quality assurance module that allows the user to track and adjust image quality, increased scanner support and Kofax Image Filtering Parameters. MTI will also demonstrate forms designing software Uni-Form, data transferring system Information Xchange and virtual filing cabinet Information Broker.
  • Optika, #1209-Optika's major objective at KMExpo will be to show attendees the success eMedia has achieved. Dialogue sessions are planned from customers, possibly including GMAC Commercial Mortgage, Michelin and Payless Cashways, as well as partners and employees.
  • Panasonic, #2712-Panasonic will unveil two new 40-ppm flatbed scanners and two 50-ppm scanners at its KMExpo booth.
  • Plumtree Software, #1918-Plumtree brings a new president and CEO to KMExpo: John Kunze, former VP and general manager with Adobe. Plumtree will also preview a new version (available in November) of its Plumtree Server.
  • Quest Software, #2118-Quest will show its Vista Plus report-based information management solution, which is designed to extend the reach of Oracle, SAP R/3, PeopleSoft and Baan by eliminating the need to purchase additional ERP client licenses for users who simply need to access report information.
  • Second Person Plural, #2124-The company will market its software product, sum Knowledge Portfolio. With it, data is entered by individuals, consolidated and made available for searches, comparisons and strategic analysis.
  • ServiceSoft, #1619-ServiceSoft will introduce self-service customer support via its Smart Answers on the Net.
  • Treev, #2718-Treev will preview the next generation of its NT-based suite of document management software, including DataTreev and DocuTreev for COLD and imaging

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