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Personalization to support customer engagement and boost revenue

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Additional features enable testing to see which sets of messages are most effective for specific users or groups using Iterable’s AI-powered Experiments, which was launched in the fall of 2023. “In conjunction with Iterable’s Copy Assist, marketers can quickly generate alternative copy to test up to 10 different iterations of a message with a single click,” Turner explained. This enables marketers to identify the best approach for various groups.

Iterable helps organizations make the most of their data by unifying it across silos. “Many of our clients have multiple content engines and send schedules for email, texts, and apps, but the data is in silos, so cross-channel communications cannot easily be coordinated,” she continued. In addition, access to back-office data guides personalized interactions. “Being able to pull in preferences, purchase history, and other data quickly enhances [the aquarium’s] ability to personalize from large heterogeneous groups to small, targeted subsets,” Turner pointed out.

Personalization in the contact center

ONE (Open Network Exchange) is a company that provides enterprise-level digital transformation and other valuable sales and marketing services for its business partners. Its ecommerce platform leverages next-generation loyalty technology, mobile-first customer experiences, and AI-enabled data services for companies in a broad range of industries such as hospitality, healthcare, and telecommunications. With ONE’s technology, contact centers have the capability to map customer journeys and deliver personalized messaging from both live agents and a variety of messaging channels to enhance the customer experience (CX).

In order to deliver the kind of robust understanding of its customers that ONE wanted, the company selected Enlighten from NICE, which was recommended by a senior leader at ONE who had previous experience with the product. Enlighten offers a set of CX AI solutions that support the customer journey and provide insights into the customer experience. “An area in which we wanted a high level of performance was in analytics, and we considered NICE’s Interaction Analytics to be an excellent solution for us,” said Alexandria Bokelman Doucet, quality assurance manager at ONE. “It identifies call drivers, provides sentiment analytics, and even interprets silences during phone calls.” ONE can use this information to segment users and provide appropriate responses.

The Interaction Analytics’ AutoDiscovery feature enables ONE to uncover issues that it may not be aware of, and can be used to analyze reasons, or call drivers, for why guests are calling in. A feedback loop is provided to ONE’s agents, who are referred to as navigators, so that if there is a spike in calls on a certain topic, they will be notified and can be prepared with a response or can direct the callers to an appropriate self-service option. “Enlighten’s Sales Effectiveness guides the navigators to propose options such as a travel destination that is matched to the customer’s preferences,” Doucet added.

NICE has evolved over the years from an automatic call distribution (ACD) service for routing incoming calls, to a workforce optimization solution, and finally a cloud-based CX AI platform that also handles self-service and mobile apps. It is now a leading Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) company.

“NICE is an interaction-centric solution rather than a transaction-centric one,” said Barry Cooper, president of the CX division at NICE. “It is not built around forms but around contact, which allows for additional dimensions such as emotion.” Personalization is an increasingly critical element in customer engagement, Cooper affirmed. “When an individual contacts an organization, they want the organization to have whatever information has already been provided to be accessible,” he observed, “whether it’s via an agent or self-service. And they don’t want to repeat their information if they change channels.”

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