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New approaches for smarter collaboration

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Data collaboration—a developing market

In many enterprises, both unstructured and structured data tend to be stovepiped and difficult to access for those who are not the owners or lack in-depth technical data skills. Users who could benefit from data already available in their organization may not be aware of its existence or may simply have trouble understanding its purpose.

data.world recently launched a platform that helps teams collaborate across multiple datasets. It provides a centralized workspace for users of various backgrounds and with differing technical skills and integrates with the data-related tools and processes that they already use. Teams can find, interpret, collaborate, and share permissions-based data, documenting processes and new resources as they go.

“Our goal is to help build data-driven cultures,” said Jenny Ryan, head of product marketing at data.world. “People should be able to use data in meaningful ways no matter where they sit in an organization.” Users build libraries and projects from their team’s centralized data, including resources from both inside and outside their org. Descriptions can be added to data, projects, and insights so others understand context and meaning. data.world also highlights related data as users explore, helping discover resources to expand analysis.

“With a common, accessible place for everyone to contribute, data.world helps organizations redesign how their data should be managed internally,” added Ryan. The platform includes a variety of visualization and analysis tools to assist users in analyzing data in new ways. “By using data.world, people develop connections among each other, which promotes further collaboration across the business.” 

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