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Lucidworks Integrates Generative AI with Fusion to Make Search a Superpower

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Generative AI has created massive opportunities for businesses that are under economic and competitive pressure to deliver a digital experience that is both best-in-class and cost-effective. Lucidworks, the leading search solutions provider, is setting the standard in commercially viable applications of AI in search experience management.

A recent survey revealed that 93% of companies plan to invest in generative AI in the next 12 months. Lucidworks currently works with multiple clients on Gen AI deployments that accelerate time-to-value and provide the necessary guardrails to ensure generative AI responses are accurate, secure, and personalized.

Lucidworks can now seamlessly integrate with any large language model (LLM) and provide the necessary guardrails to validate Generative AI responses, ground them in truth, and minimize errors such as hallucinations. Clients rely on Lucidworks Fusion to create the necessary guardrails and enrichments—security trimmings, data enrichment, content exclusion, and merchandising optimization—while getting the most value from the latest technologies.

Other trendsetting products include Neural Hybrid Search, a unique search methodology that utilizes semantic neural networks combined with traditional lexical search techniques. Neural Hybrid Search not only analyzes keywords in a search query, but also the meaning associated with them to provide more accurate and relevant results. This combination provides a more intelligent search experience that can better adapt to users’ needs.

With a comprehensive set of solutions and cutting-edge integrations, Lucidworks makes search a superpower for leading brands such as Crate and Barrel, Lenovo and Red Hat.

Learn more at Lucidworks.com.

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Web: https://lucidworks.com/

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