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  • September 7, 2023
  • By Marydee Ojala Editor in Chief, KMWorld, Conference Program Director, Information Today, Inc.
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KMWorld Trend-Setting Products of 2023

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KnowledgeLake: Intelligent Document Processing—Intelligent Document Processing from KnowledgeLake easily captures and digitizes unstructured data from any content, adapting to business workflows for rapid data extraction and ingestion.

Kodak AlarisDocument Scanners—As a high-speed business document scanner, Kodak Alaris’ Document Scanner technology offers high-quality information capture for varying use cases to accelerate digital transformation. 
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Kyndi: Kyndi Clarity—Connecting customers and agents to the right answers with just one click, Kyndi Clarity delivers an enhanced, self-service customer support experience that provides precise answers at the first point of contact. 

Laserfiche: Content Services Platform (CSP)—As a seamless SaaS platform for information-critical industries, Laserfiche’s CSP facilitates content capture, creation, consolidation, processing, and retention to support enterprise business operations. 

Leena.AI: WorkLM—Leena AI’s WorkLM serves as a powerful LLM tool toward automating and optimizing business tasks, further amplifying employee productivity and surfacing actionable insights with an enhanced employee experience.

Lucidworks: Fusion—By surfacing and capturing rich behavioral data such as search history, clicks, and browsing, Lucidworks Fusion interprets user intent to drive greater product and content relativity for individual users.
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Messagepoint: Messagepoint—Messagepoint is a SaaS-based, AI-powered content hub that enables organizations to improve customer experiences through optimized content managing and authoring.

M-Files: Hubshare—As the digital client experience booster, Hubshare empowers organizations to connect information through dashboards, creating branded, customized hubs for its clients.
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Microsoft: Microsoft 365—Previously Office, Microsoft 365 boosts productivity, collaboration, organization, and innovation with its centralized suite of software, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, and more.

Mindbreeze: Mindbreeze InSpire—Supporting work by delivering relevant information, Mindbreeze InSpire collects and consolidates knowledge from a wide range of connected data sources and delivers it proactively across applications, departments, and corporate boundaries in real time.
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NICE: Enlighten IA for CX—By making the entire contact center smarter, Enlighten AI for CX solutions is purpose-built, predictive, and optimized for the cross-channel, offering enhancements for customer satisfaction, complaint management, sales effectiveness, and more. 

Northern Light Group: SinglePoint Platform—As a custom-built enterprise knowledge management platform, SinglePoint seamlessly integrates and enables full-text search of an enterprise’s unique research resources, equipping businesses with a research-driven competitive advantage. 
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Pegasystems: Pega Platform—Pega is a powerful, low-code platform that builds agility into the world’s leading organizations so they can adapt to change using Pega’s AI-powered decisioning and workflow automation to solve the most pressing business challenges.

Pryon: Pryon Enterprise AI Platform—Pryon’ s no-code Enterprise AI platform delivers trusted answers attributed to approved content and works out of the box, requiring no special skills to implement.

Pureinsights: Pureinsights Discovery Platform—Designed to enable a Google-like search experience, Pureinsights Discovery Platform uses a modern, cloud-based architecture and incorporates data connectors, content processing, AI services, search engines, and knowledge graphs.

Quark: Quark Publishing Platform—The Quark Publishing Platform automates every stage of content lifecycle management—creation, collaboration, assembly, publishing, and analysis—so organizations can modernize their content ecosystems to support digital transformation, customer satisfaction, revenue generation, and regulatory compliance.
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SearchBlox: SearchAI PreText™ NLP—SearchBlox PreText NLP fixes titles, metadata, and descriptions while crawling internal PDFs, Microsoft 365 files, videos, podcasts, images, and spreadsheets that are otherwise difficult to find.

SearchUnify: Cognitive Search—Cognitive Search extracts relevant information from multiple, diverse datasets. It combines core AI subsets like machine learning and natural language processing to decipher search queries and user intent to deliver contextual, personalized responses.

ServiceNow: Now Platform—The Now Platform incorpo- rates AI search, process optimization, workforce optimization, and document intelligence to help companies drive transformation to simplify experiences for smarter ways of working.

Shelf: Knowledge Management Platform—Shelf combines AI with modern SaaS infrastructure and a simple user experience to help agents and customers get the answers they need on demand.

Sinequa: Sinequa’s Intelligent Search Platform—Bringing ChatGPT to the workplace, Sinequa’s Intelligent Enterprise Search Platform is a cognitive search platform that serves as a foundation for intelligent search applications by unifying content platforms into a personalized, AI-powered search experience.

Splashtop: Splashtop Enterprise—SplashTop Enterprise is a best-value, enterprise-class remote computer access solution and remote support tool giving users unattended, anytime computer access to enable employees and students to work from home or IT to manage computers and provide support.

TalkDesk: CX Cloud—Addressing customers’ higher expectations of contact centers today, Talkdesk CX Cloud is a new kind of cloud contact center that provides an end-to-end customer experience solution with a combination of enterprise scale and consumer simplicity.

TeamViewer: Remote—A next-gen digital customer engagement platform for online sales, digital customer service, and video consultations, TeamViewer Remote empowers companies to elevate their customer experience for lifelong brand loyalty.

Tellius: Tellius—Tellius is an AI-driven decision intelligence platform that helps get relevant insights from all your data faster and easier than ever.

Trianz: PULSE—PULSE is a desktop and mobile app designed to replace aging, intranet-based communication models for employees, clients, partners, suppliers, franchisees, and more.

Upland Software: RightAnswers—RightAnswers is the complete connected knowledge management solution that uses AI and machine learning to improve the user and customer experience by enabling organizations to create a trusted, knowledge-sharing culture. 
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Vectara: GenAI Conversational Search Platform—This is a cloud-native, API-driven LLM-powered search built to serve the world’s largest sites and applications at blazing-fast speeds.

Verint Systems: Customer Engagement Cloud Platform—Helping build the competitive advantage organizations need to focus on every part of the business, the Customer Engagement Cloud Platform engages customers effectively—spanning call centers, back offices, branches, customer experience, marketing, IT, and compliance operations.

VMWare: Anywhere Workspace—An integrated workforce solution that builds trust for today’s distributed workforce, Anywhere Workspace empowers and enables employees, reduces silos and operational overhead, and provides broader and more effective security.

YextYext's Answers Platform—Yext collects and organizes content into a knowledge graph, then leverages AI to improve the findability of relevant information across search engines, websites, mobile apps, and hundreds of other digital touchpoints. 

Zendesk: Sunshine Platform—Sunshine gives developers everything they need to build custom experiences on mobile, web, or social apps and to customize the agent workspace, save time with no-code tools to automate processes, and create streamlined workflows for greater efficiency.

Zoho: Zoho Workplace—Workplace unifies and centralizes workspaces, simplifies file storage, and streamlines team communication, as workers take their office suite with them wherever they go, accessing and working on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

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