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KMWorld 2009 Reality Finalist:
SiteExecutive by Systems Alliance

Geisinger Gets Policy Management Right with SiteExecutive.
Geisinger Health System (Danville, Pa.) is one of the nation’s largest integrated health services organizations, serving more than two million residents throughout central and northeastern Pennsylvania.

Like most large healthcare institutions, Geisinger is reliant on thousands of policies, procedures and guidelines for all aspects of its operations. Driven by regulations set forth by the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Joint Commission, Geisinger needed a centralized mechanism for creating and managing this content which would enable compliance, eliminate duplication and inconsistency, and deliver fast and effective online searching through Geisinger’s INFOweb employee intranet.

To meet this challenge, Geisinger’s Web services team developed a centralized, online policy and procedure management system as a custom module within the organization’s SiteExecutive™ Web CMS platform.

The decision to build, rather than buy a policy and procedure management system was prompted by the high cost and functional shortcomings of available packaged software, as well as an understanding of the extensibility of SiteExecutive. Developed in four weeks, the SiteExecutive module provides end-to-end policy management functionality, including:

• A template-based process for creating standardized documents

• Automated notification of revision deadlines sent to policy owners 45 days prior to pending revision deadlines

• Audit trails for all aspects of policy development and revision

• Archival of policies with ability to retrieve prior versions by date

• Searchable, online access to all policies using policy name and keywords

• Electronic workflow for automating the approval and review process

Learn more about Geisinger’s use of SiteExecutive here: www.siteexecutive.com/geisinger.

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