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KM Promise Award Finalist: Digital Reasoning

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Organizations know that there is valuable information buried within their data. The challenge is finding an effective means of reading and analyzing it at speed and scale in order to get to the hidden insights. Digital Reasoning helps companies solve that problem.

Our cognitive computing platform, Synthesys®, understands how humans communicate by analyzing the content, context, and relationships within Big Data while semantically revealing what’s most critical to our clients. Synthesys can rapidly read communication from any source, resolve what’s valuable and what’s not, and reason using a dynamic knowledge graph. It builds profiles of entities (people, places things) and exposes the connections between them. Moreover, as a cognitive system Synthesys is able to learn. The more it works, the better it gets.

Synthesys is especially smart at revealing concealed messages. If, for example, a financial trader says “now we’re cracking” Synthesys understands that this is unusual and potentially risky, whereas traditional keyword monitoring solutions would ignore it, because it did not tally with a predefined list of words or terms. This capability is used daily by government agencies, financial institutions, and healthcare organizations to reveal concealed relationships, risks, and opportunities.

According to Vincent Tortorella, Chief Compliance and Surveillance Officer at Point72, “Using Synthesys gives our team the means to discover potential problems and act on them before they ripen into actual problems. By taking advantage of a system that learns and adapts to changing behaviors, it puts Point72 in a better position to protect against reputational and regulatory risks.”

Digital Reasoning

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