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How to Prioritize Content Types (Video)

Video produced by Steve Nathans-Kelly

At KMWorld 2019, Daniel Lee, ARC Business Solutions director, enterprise information solutions, identified six types of content for KM programs to prioritize during his presentation at KMWorld 2019. The session showcased a multi-year, multi-phase KM plan to deliver responsive and trusted expertise to customers and employees as the source of land registry and land information services in British Columbia.

There are six types of content that are emphasized, said Lee: news, manuals, policies, forms, and knowledgebase articles.

"We did not do a fulsome content inventory for sure, but what we do know from hearing and reading some of the reports of what has been fed back to the team, news information is really importantunderstanding what's happening in each of the different offices, what are the priorities coming down from the CEOs office and the leadership team. What's happening, perhaps, because the LTSA [Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia] is a public body, they often get mentioned in the news. Certain things can bubble up about things happening in the community, and there needs to be a way to share that with the internal LTSA community."

Everyone recognizes that news is a pretty fundamental content type in any intranet, noted Lee. "As I described, the manuals, which is the detailed practice information and guidance information, is definitely a priority content type for us. People informationso, creating a directory of people information and contact profiles to use both to identify the owners on the pages of that content that they own, and also allow people to go into the people directory and find people that they need to get in touch with. This seems like it should be something that exists, but I'm sure many of us struggle with even just getting up-to-date contact information. I can see lots of smiles in the audience, which means it's true."

In addition, everyone understands that policy information is really fundamental to most intranets, Lee said. "And, what's the number-one policy that people want to look at? The vacation policywhen can I take my vacation? That seems to be, in my experience, the number-one policy everyone wants to see, maybe the leave policy, I don't know. But, again, having accurate policies, up-to-date and available to people when they need them, is really, really critical. And then what's the number-one form that people want to look for? Vacation leave forms to fill that out, at least in my experience, every intranet I've ever either built or operated, that usually seems to be the number-one form people are always looking for. So you you have got to make that available to people."

Forms information is really helpful to people just in doing their jobs, added Lee"depending on which department you're using or coming from, HR, finance, etc., making it easy for people to submit forms that doesn't require someone to print something off and write it out in pen and paper, or pencil and triplicate, and mail it or whatever. So there's a great opportunity there to look at some of the forms that are being used and maybe automate some of that input process, and approval and workflow around with some of the technologies that we are building and already have in place."

Knowledgebase articles include articles around how-to’s, frequently asked questions, and other informational articles that would be helpful to the user.

To access the full session, go to A203. KM: Customer Service Driver in the Public Service

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