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How to Make Your KM Career Recession-Proof (Video)

Video produced by Steve Nathans-Kelly

At KMWorld 2019, Deloitte Advisory CKO Adriaan Jooste offered KM professionals tips on making themselves essential to their organizations, even in a recession.

"If you can get your KM team close to the revenue, if you can get a direct causal link to revenue, you've got something really good," said Jooste. "Secondly, if you can get a seat at the table right at the beginning, so have your network out, and if you're hearing about a new initiative, a great way of serving the customervolunteer," he added.

"We measure our people by how many times they get a seat at the table. Lauren Danielson from our team is right there at the chief-ordered executive forum. She's running the show. She's making sure the content happens. Lindsay Williams from our forensics side is all over running our forensic and financial crime workshops. Because you have got to be close to the business and what the business needs. You have got to be at the table close to the revenue."

Jooste advised attendees to use their KM systems to broadcast opportunities. "Get them out there and say to people, 'Did you know about this? Here's something that can help you to be successful.' Everybody's looking for an edge. If you're the one that gave them that edge you've got a friend for life. They're gonna remember you. They're maybe gonna point other people to the system. Look at your CRM datacustomer relationship management, Salesforcewherever you keep the information on your customers--try and get your hands on that. Because if you can package up stuff that enables people to do better with their customers, there's some more recession-proofing for you." And, Jooste advised, "learn Salesforce.com while you're at it because it's a great second career if the KM thing doesn't work."

In addition, Jooste said, "Consider developing what we call 'selling corners.' You know, here are these people, those people, if you put them together in the corner they can sell better. Try and build some of those. Build guides and toolkits for new operations. If we are trying to build a new practice, we want to be there saying to them, 'We can build you the collateral. Yes, we know, we haven't even won one project yet, but we can build you the collateral that's going to explain what we're going to do. We'll even pre-write the first client reference on what the client thought of the project because that's what you're going to deliver.' So get out in front of them."

Videos are another great way to communicate, Jooste said. "Our leaders like being in videos. Nowadays, you're shooting them with an iPhone. They really don't have to be expensive and it's a great way of getting leadership presence."

In addition, knowledge-in-a-box kits are another great way to help, he said. "Pull together stuff and say to people, 'Here ya go, how else can I help you?' But it's branded as knowledge management, or whatever you call yourselves, knowledge sharing, and so forth. So, think about it and find the most thorny business problems in your organization and go after those. As a general rule, people aren't chasing them but if you were, I think you'd get some really good press, you'd be in a really good place." 

To access the full session, go to A104. Continuing Investment in KM

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