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How to Improve Search Performance with Gap Analysis (Video)

Melinda Geist, Intel enterprise taxonomy strategist, and Bram Wessel, Factor principal, discussed how to refine and improve search rules in this clip from their presentation at Enterprise Search & Discovery 2018.

“Even once you’ve defined the laws of nature and the meaning of all the things, you aren't done, because it's constantly evolving and changing. The good news is you have this amazing learning tool called search. You can look at the search logs and use what you learn from them to continually refine and improve your base taxonomy,” said Geist. “Another gap analysis that you can do is to compare your content taxonomy to improve your search rules to make sure that your taxonomy is leveraged as it should be to improve the results and the search experience overall for your customers.” 

And, users can take that even further and create metrics for success in a more formalized gap analysis to create a process for continuous improvement of search performance and the search experience, said Wessel. “Let me give you an example of how this feedback loop can produce better results. Once implemented in a content management tool such as AEM, metadata fields from the core enterprise taxonomies, those can appear as options for building search ranking rules, for example. That kind of re-use helps ensure that the values in your inner information supply chains stay in alignment.” 

Another example is dynamic facets, he added. “They're great, but they can't be effective unless you have the metadata set up properly. So you have to have good clean values at the content tag level. If content is well-tagged, there could be areas of the site where it makes sense to improve enterprise taxonomy attributes as facets for narrowing search results.”

View the video.

Many speakers have made their slide decks available at www.enterprisesearchanddiscovery.com/2018/Presentations.aspx.

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