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How to Define KM for Your Organization (Video)

Knowledge management is a very broad concept and every company has its own way of implementing or rolling out knowledge management, said Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago’s VP for KM, Hyan Syed, in a presentation at KMWorld 2018. 

“Some companies are focusing on AI, some companies are looking at, strictly, the content management system. It is very important when you bring in an initiative like this, you have a very defined definition of the KM, specific to your organizations,” Syed noted. 

At Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago, there are certain core values that are embraced. “This definition is very specific to our bank and I think it's very important that I read this. What is knowledge management for the bank? It is an integrated approach to identify, capture, evaluate, retrieve, and share our information assets for the whole bank. The ability to provide knowledge to the right person, at the right time, to create value.” 

This short definition is very important, Syed continued. “This is one of the things that I use when I start talking to individuals at every level. When they come and ask, what are you bringing to the bank? This is what I say and this one line helps them to understand what we're trying to do. Because these are the challenges that are not limited to IT, but it's all across the bank. It is very important that your definitions are aligned with the overall company's strategy.” 

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