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How to Brand and Market Your KM Products (Video)

Video produced by Steve Nathans-Kelly

TechnipFMC's Tamara Viles presented best practices for branding and marketing KM products in a presentation at KMWorld 2019. 

It is not possible to launch something and expect people to come, said Viles. "You've got to communicate, you've got to educate, you have to sell your product to your customers, your employees."

Calling it Marketing 101, Viles identified the four Ps: product, place, price and promotion. "Now if we take our KM programs and we overlay it on that simple model, what you get for a product is your KM program. It's your tools, it's your initiatives that you're rolling out, distribution channels are a place--this is how we make our tools available to our employees. Price is our value proposition, right? This is where we easily demonstrate the value of knowledge management versus the investment that our employees have to make in it, and then the promotion is just that: promotion. It's how we make our employees aware."

In the context of this conversation about KM, she said, you can use social media to promote your initiatives. "But I think the area that is most effected is place, don't you agree? Because we're providing another distribution channel to connect you to your customers and your customers to you and your product."

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