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Enterprise Search Industry Spotlights: Coveo

IDC estimates that an organization with 1,000 information workers can expect $5 million a year in annual salary costs to be lost due to the time wasted by employees looking for information and not finding it.

Enterprise search technology helps businesses save this money by making it as easy to find information inside an organization as it is on the internet. Good enterprise search technology drives business by connecting people to the knowledge they need and provides them with a single view of relevant business information across disparate information sources such as email, CRM, intranets, and multimedia repositories.

Whenever a company has corporate knowledge in more than one repository, there will be a need for enterprise search to provide the bridge and deliver a unified view of relevant information. And with email being one knowledge repository that every company typically has, there is one huge reason alone to deploy enterprise search for email.

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Coveo provides knowledge workers with an unrivaled ability to obtain a 360° view of the information they need to drive business. Based on leading-edge technologies, Coveo Enterprise Search solutions deliver platform-class enterprise search with top-level security, unparalleled accuracy and consumer-style ease of use, a radically easier implementation of less than 24-hours, and black belt level customer support right out-of-the-box.

Offering a radical approach to deploying enterprise search, Coveo’s search technology delivers proven organizational efficiencies for knowledge management, risk management, IP protection, compliance and improved customer service experience.  For more on Coveo Enterprise Search, please visit: www.coveo.com.

Coveo Solutions, Inc.
Riverside Center
275 Grove Street, Suite 2-400
Newton MA 02466

Phone: 800.635.5476
Contact: info@coveo.com
Web: www.coveo.com

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