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Easier buying for the enterprise

Eastman marketing plan aims to simplify large purchases

Eastman Software (www.eastmansoftware.com) has formulated a new program, Enterprise Xpress, for high-volume buying customers of its Work Management for Microsoft Exchange products.

Pat Martell, Eastman Software's director of product marketing, said that he's heard from enterprise customers like Chase Bank (New York) that "it would be nice if instead of getting all these different quotes, we could buy it together from one reseller at one price."

That's what Eastman is doing with the help of its resellers: delivering "increased purchasing power" and "lower total cost of purchase," according to the company.

The two-year Enterprise Xpress program gives enrollees a volume price break based on points, as well as upgrade and technical support privileges.

"It gives one purchasing vehicle to buy worldwide rather than several quotes," said Martell.

The plan is closely linked to Eastman business partner Microsoft's (www.microsoft.com) Select 4.0 plan.

"Our customers are Exchange customers. These people are looking for Exchange customers. These people are looking to Exchange for more than E-mail-a collaborative environment," said Martell.

Eastman's program, like Microsoft's, works on a points category system of 2,000; 8,000; 20,000 and 50,000. Customers receive points for the varying license and server agreements, which are based on their forecasted needs for the two-year period. The system is rolled out over that period-with upgrades provided during that time frame-without loosing the benefit of buying in volume.

While the model is not designed for all of Eastman's customers, it caters to many of the larger customers who roll out systems over longer periods and need to manage their software investment closely over that time.

According to Bob Larrivee, Tech Data's marketing manager for its knowledge management unit, it's also beneficial for the user community.

If prices change during the scope of the deal, it is irrelevant, said Larrivee. "That means a lot to the reseller community."

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