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ECM breakthroughs: Content management makes a comeback

Despite unexpected pressures from regulations and consolidation, the ECM market is strong, vibrant and paving the way for 2004 and beyond. Here's a review of recent news from the market's many "tipping points."

80-20 Software

Integrated document and records management vendor 80-20 Software announces support for the Oracle database as the underlying store for its core document and records management product, 80-20 Document Manager. "Oracle completes the suite, with our DM/RM product now capable of using Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 or Oracle as a centralized unstructured data store." says Mark Ross 80-20 CEO. 80-20 allows users' document folders to be preset with all the business rules necessary to ensure efficient, timely and compliant, categorization, storage retention and deletion of records and other documents.


Arbortext 5 software is designed to make it easier for organizations to implement and deploy automated publishing systems. Arbortext says that with its software for publishing, organizations can improve the quality of information their customers receive while cutting costs and time to market and achieving higher productivity and greater competitive differentiation. The competitive differentiation is said to be found in two key areas: 1.) creating content out of small, reusable components of information that contain their own intelligence, and 2.) automating assembly and publishing of information.

Bottomline Technologies

Bottomline Technologies' PayBase 7.0 payments and document management solution provides a single platform to support both paper and electronic payment, remittance and document requirements. Market-proven in thousands of ERP integrations, PayBase is described as a complete, secure and cost-effective solutions available for accounts payable, payroll, claims, refunds, benefits and compliance documentation for small businesses as well as large, multinational organizations. Version 7.0 includes support for concatenation of files from multiple locations and/or systems with validation and authentication with the BACS network. It supports U.S. check and NACHA-compliant electronic payment types, plus over 35 foreign draft types and BACSTEL-IP.


Dutch company Collexis introduces e-Vamp, a new application that automatically enriches existing Web pages with hyperlinks. The hyperlinks allow the user to apply a Collexis match for related documents, experts or external database information. Each hyperlink includes concepts found in the area around the selected hyperlink to serve as the context for the query. e-Vamp can be configured for different domains using different thesauri.


Imaging and workflow software provider Comsquared Systems announces the availability of NetSearch/XL Version 8.0. The newest version of the NetSearch/XL product line boasts more than 20 product enhancements, including additional Web services, improved document search capabilities and several Web client enhancements. NetSearch/XL is a Web-based retrieval application that provides knowledge workers with a single point of access to business content within the enterprise regardless of its location or format. A request to the server to view a report results in return of a single page to the Web client. The enhanced Web client in Version 8.0 adds functionality, and customers can now perform more efficient searches.


Convera's RetrievalWare search technology powers essential enterprise applications and helps improve regulatory compliance. Enhancing the effectiveness of corporate Web sites and intranets, RetrievalWare is also used by multinational companies to link employees and customers worldwide with useful product and sales information. Convera also has released its new Taxonomy Workbench, used for customizing and making more efficient use of corporate and government enterprisewide data for employees who depend on it. The Taxonomy Workbench is said to create personalized taxonomies--the new building blocks of more efficient portals--and to sharpen the precision of search and categorization in content management.


Cuadra Associates, a knowledge management solution provider, announces the release of STAR-DB, which connects STAR with non-STAR database systems and automatically distributes data to the RDBMS. That allows STAR data to be manipulated with all of the standard RDBMS tools. STAR-DB is another example, along with STAR's XML, ADO and ODBC interfaces, of STAR's easy integration into computing environments.


Cambridge, Mass.-based Curl releases its Curl Client/Web Platform, which is said to provide a flexible and open method to quickly and easily develop enterprise Web applications that integrate data from multiple, disparate sources and present it in a Web browser. Described as key to the Curl architecture is the ability to provide small applets that can deliver vast amounts of information. That enables Curl applications to serve up data on multiple clients at a level of speed and precision previously unachievable, according to Curl.

CYA Technologies

CYA Validator 1.2 is a critical module of the CYA Compliance and Validation Set, providing the ability to verify the integrity of content and metadata migrated to a secondary Documentum repository. CYA Validator verifies that migration and upgrade operations have been performed without causing unexpected changes to the metadata and content stored within a Docbase, according to the company. CYA Validator performs pre- and post-migration comparison of objects; validation may be limited to metadata only, content only or both metadata and content depending on the user's choice. CYA Validator 1.2 has been enhanced for ease of use.


Dralasoft, a provider of Java-based business process management (BPM) solutions, is introducing Dralasoft Workflow 3.0. Leading 3.0's list of improvements is new support for Web services. Now it's possible for Java and .NET applications to access Workflow as a Web service in a Services Oriented Architecture, according to Dralasoft. Also featured is a new Web forms capability for easier interaction with form-based data collected via a Web browser, as well as other improvements that further enhance the product's scalability. Version 3.0 is said to build on Dralasoft Workflow's power and versatility in defining business processes for everything from a simple manual process to complex business functions.


Empolis announces the latest release of its sigmalink content management system. New features include the Publication Build module and FrameMaker 7 integration. The user can now easily create a custom publication from a library of content objects, according to Empolis. FrameMaker users can leverage sigmalink's secure repository, workflow and advanced linking. Empolis is a division of Arvato--a Bertelsmann company. Its suite of solutions for content and knowledge management is built on its search & retrieval and XML content management technologies.


Entrieva has released the latest version of its knowledge management product suite based on its advanced text analytics platform. SemioTagger 6.0 is the latest release of Entrieva's concept extraction, tagging and categorization engine. New in this release are support for Linux, Solaris and Windows; Web Service API for real-time categorization; simplified process management; and a more reliable architecture. The new Enterprise Knowledge Engineering Workbench (E-KEW) supports secure, collaborative development of large, complex taxonomies, in multiple languages, by small and large teams, according to Entrieva. SemioDiscovery 1.0 merges browsing across multiple taxonomies with full-text and metadata search.


Ektron's browser-based Web content management system enables organizations to exploit XML's data collection, storage and presentation capabilities. By putting XML content authoring, publishing and management capabilities directly in a browser-based application, Ektron solutions automate time-consuming business processes. CMS300 Version 4 offers efficiencies for streamlining content presentation, optimizing content for output to various devices simplifying RSS syndication. Features include: improved audit trail capabilities to address legal and regulatory compliance issues; index searching to ensure more precisely matched search results by leveraging XML; enhanced international language support to enable management of metadata and teasers with XML; and internal search to improve capabilities for locating and accessing documents, images, etc.


ePeople delivers enterprise software solutions that enable teams in support, sales, Service and development to turn informal interactions into valuable, reusable corporate knowledge. With the recent release of ePeople Teamwork 5.1, knowledge workers can access relevant information, find help from experts, capture knowledge and work in a collaborative fashion with customers and partners, all without leaving their Microsoft Outlook Inbox. Directly from Microsoft Outlook, ePeople Teamwork 5.1 captures issues and helps users to identify key experts from cross enterprise resources based on their knowledge and past experience, according to ePeople.


Evolvent Technologies is launching eJunction, a Web-based knowledge discovery and delivery suite that discovers, shares, distributes and exchanges knowledge enterprisewide. The engine, Knowledge Junction, is said to converge different forms of knowledge at strategic locations on the enterprise site map. According to Evolvent, Knowledge Junctions merges explicit intellectual capital with tacit knowledge and embedded know-how .


One of Factiva's largest initiatives this year is launching its corporate reputation application, which is built on IBM's WebFountain text mining tool. The Factiva-branded application on the WebFountain is intended to help corporate communication departments proactively identify, monitor, and track trends on the Web, including billions of chat rooms, blogs, Web sites and Factiva's nearly 9,000 sources of content.


FatWire Content Server 5.5 makes it easy to contribute and manage all types of enterprise content, whether it's documents, Web content, images, or rich media, the company says. Content can be created in familiar programs such as Microsoft Word or uploaded from directly within Windows Explorer. Production is streamlined with an enterprise-class workflow, and publishing of static or dynamic content is handled with the scalable, open, J2EE-based content management product. CS5.5 enjoys ease of use out of the box, speeding of production and dissemination of content to multiple Web sites, and flexibility to extend capabilities and repurpose content beyond Web sites.


Merging collaboration with content, process and connectivity, FileNet is introducing its Team Collaboration Manager's Suite. As a fully integrated collaboration environment built as a seamless part of a ECM framework, Team Collaboration is designed to provide distributed teams in large enterprises with the ability to coordinate, communicate and collaborate easily internally and externally. FileNet says that Team Collaboration's secure framework uniquely empowers organizations with "active content" that drives content through the collaboration process. Team Collaboration also coordinates seamlessly with other needed content solution suites, including records management, content management and forms management.


GlobalSight Ambassador's improved Content Exchange Engine (CXE) provides support for all leading databases, content management systems, desktop documentation, and marketing and source control systems. Enhancements enable all localization participants, outsourced or in house, to share processes, increase operational efficiencies and deliver more translated content quickly and accurately. According to the company, Ambassador's fourth-generation translation memory (TM) functionality and user management enable superior reuse of translations. Departments, agencies and project teams can manage and share their own TMs , while the organization builds repositories of translated content that is also shareable across the enterprise. Additional improvements include advanced financial management and report creation and customization.


To help management better comply with Sarbanes-Oxley reporting requirements, HandySoft has introduced SOXA Accelerator 2.0. The company says that its new release provides updated capabilities for compliance reporting, administration and platform support. For example, it offers an "executive dashboard" that presents a graphical, high-level view of key performance indicators and preconfigured reports concerning financial controls. Built on BizFlow, HandySoft's core business process management platform, SOXA Accelerator 2.0 also is said to help companies improve other critical business processes by automating and streamlining the tasks that underlie key financial and operational activities.

IBM Software Services

IBM Rational SUMMIT Ascendant was released in February 2004. SUMMIT Ascendant and the Rational Unified Process came together under the IBM banner several months ago, and this product is the first to make both sets of content available from the same content management system. The resultant tooling enables shared project planning and portfolio management capabilities across all IT projects.

Imaging Business Machines

Imaging Business Machines is introducing the ImageTrac III and ImageTrac IV scanners as part of the evolving ImageTrac Scanning Platform. The company says the ImageTrac III will boast 300 dpi (full landscape) at 120 ppm (480 ipm), two sort pockets, barcode, IJP and SoftTrac Lite. The ImageTrac IV will continue the ImageTrac II legacy of speed and versatility with two models. The ImageTrac IV-L will be capable of 340 ppm (at 300 dpi). The ImageTrac IV-P will be capable of 380 ppm (at 200 dpi). Both ImageTrac IV models will be available with barcode, patchcode, ICR, MICR, IJP, color sense, multiple sort pockets and SoftTrac.


Infodata is releasing AnnoDoc 2.0 in early Q2 2004. AnnoDoc will be able to simultaneously deliver annotations across multiple content repositories within the same enterprise. AnnoDoc will be released with a JDBC-compliant adaptor, allowing easy access to content residing on Oracle, SQL or DB2 data stores. V. 2.0 will deliver annotation capabilities that enable the enterprise to be more responsive to today's restrictive regulatory environment, according to Infodata.

Information Management Research

Information Management Research (IMR) is releasing Alchemy 8.0, the latest version of its flagship product line. IMR will now be able to offer the small and medium-sized business marketplace a complete and affordable document and records management solution. Customers will no longer need to use other software products to supplement Alchemy. Alchemy 8.0 will include: check-in/check-out and version control and a DOD 5015.2-compliant Records Manager module.


InfoScape PL (Australia) has released a complete KM software solution which includes document management, information trees, structured sharing through virtual workrooms, process and cycle control, messaging, staff tracking and client/partner portal access for relationship building. CortX v4.2 is a two-tier Web architecture, requiring only a browser on user machines. Designed for MS Server and IE6, CortX is self-installing and suitable for organizations with up to 500 personnel in multiple locations.


Inmagic GathererPLUS is a metadata extraction tool that spiders content of diverse types, both on internal file servers and Web sites, which can assist organizations in addressing their own information glut by automatically harvesting appropriate content. After content is loaded into an Inmagic Content Server, GathererPLUS performs automated metadata extraction for entities such as company names, people and customer-defined lists. Data is made accessible for searching and browsing via the corporate intranet. GathererPLUS offers optional plug-ins that crawl other content repositories including e-mail servers, ODBC or FTP files and vendor-specific content such as that stored in a Lotus Notes or Documentum database.


Intelliseek's Enterprise Discovery Suite Version 5.0 (formerly Enterprise Search Server) is available this month. The upgraded suite provides federated discovery, automated tracking/alerts, real-time categorization and analysis, and is available for integration by OEM partners and solutions providers. Intelliseek says the release offers cross-platform functionality--100% pure Java-based--available for Solaris and Windows platforms; is OEM-ready for embedding as a content discovery platform in myriad enterprise applications (CRM, ECM, KM, BI); has a plug-in framework that enables easy customization for federated retrieval; and features Web services and native Java interfaces at various levels, improved performance/scalability, content integration capabilities.

Invention Machine

Invention Machine's Goldfire Innovator software, which focuses on optimizing and accelerating the creation of ideas for new products and the renovation of existing products, provides product developers with: 1.) Proprietary patent information and access to proven scientific effects across disciplines that can be applied to problem solving, to over 2,000 scientific Web sites and to a company's internal knowledgebases, and 2.) An intelligent semantic interface for knowledge retrieval against those databases. The interface lets a user express a query with a subject, verb and predication, such as: "Scrubbers that clean industrial tubing." Retrieved information can be shared with associates and saved in a persistent report to document the innovation process.


Inxight's information discovery solution, SmartDiscovery 4, enables organizations to extract maximum value from their most underutilized asset--unstructured data. It provides a comprehensive, advanced set of text analysis tools including search, entity extraction, categorization and visualization, enabling users to interact with the data available to them, based on their needs. Fact Extraction capabilities automatically connect the dots between entities--the people, places, organizations and other "things" discussed in text. By creating a cohesive picture of the events that occur, users can quickly discover non-obvious relationships to speed information retrieval, Inxight says.

Kana Software

Kana, a provider of knowledge-powered CRM applications, is announcing the availability of four solutions optimized for the telecommunications and financial services industries. Customer IQ for Retail Banking provides a single point of self-service contact for customers leveraging the Web for banking assistance, reducing incoming call volume by enabling customers to utilize knowledgebase search capabilities. Three agent-facing applications--Agent IQ for Telecommunications, Agent IQ for Branch Banking and Agent IQ for Retail Banking--enable service representatives to better serve customers through guided access to content focused on resolving inbound customer inquiries.

KnowledgeBase Solutions

KnowledgeBase.net Version 4.0, available this month, is described as a best-of-breed software application that combines the most relevant features of document and knowledge management with powerful search and customizable Web portals. Version 4.0's feature set is simple to use from the front and back end with an entirely new User Face based on a set of intuitive icons, the company says. Scalable and able to integrate with other systems, 4.0 features many new search enhancements including a new self-learning search engine. Additionally, a .NET Web Service Portal will be available through Microsoft's Web Service Protocol.

Kubi Software

Kubi Software is announcing Kubi Client 1.2 and Kubi Server 1.2, both with enhanced functionality, including: Create New Version, which automates the creation of a new version of an existing document, within the Documents folder of any Kubi Space, and Create Space from Existing Kubi Space, which enables the ability to create a "templated" Kubi Space from an existing space, including folder structure and content. The updated products also extend Kubi's compatible systems to include Windows 2003 Server, Notes 6.5 and Domino 6.5.


E-mail archiving software developer KVS and Network Engines will produce a line of e-mail archiving appliances optimized for the small to medium enterprise market. The appliances will enable organizations to achieve compliance with e-mail retention requirements and recommendations set by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and other industry regulations, including SEC Rule 17a-4 and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The appliances will be available this spring 2004 exclusively through TidalWire, Network Engines' distribution arm. An appliance bundles the hardware with an optimized operating system and application software. It arrives at the user site with the software already integrated and can be up and running in minutes, making it suited for small to medium enterprises with limited IT resources, KVS says.


Legato's new ApplicationXtender 5 (AX5) helps organizations better control their information so they can better control their business. It collects, manages and delivers critical business information assets through an integrated suite of document imaging, document management, computer report management (COLD) and workflow services. With AX5's new image-enabling module—AXIM--organizations can fully leverage documents and information in tandem with their business application systems, without additional programming. Built on Microsoft's .NET framework, AX provides feature-rich functionality, delivered on a stable and reliable Web deployment platform, according to Legato.

Moreover Technologies

ci-search is described as a finely tuned search engine that gives users access to the breadth and variety of information available on the Internet, but filters out all the noise and clutter to deliver only the information requested. Users can search for information using a combination of filters including 330 topic categories, 115 geographic locations, 30 industries, 15 languages and a source rank that allocates a rank based on an editor's assessment of the source. Users can also save their searches and schedule alerts that e-mail them the links to relevant articles as soon as those articles are published.


MuseSearch allows extensive customization down to the level of the individual metasearch user. Individual user preferences provide a personalized interface, selection of search sources and metasearch functionality. Such attributes as number of results to be returned for each source, the number of results displayed per page, de-duplication algorithm, and sorting method can be directly set by the user. "Personalization can greatly increase use of new technology tools," says MuseGlobal CEO Kate Noerr.


Octigon announces the release of the latest version of its Web development and content management solution Octane8. Version 5.0 features a complete rewrite of the Octane8 platform focused on providing fast performance, Web Standards compliance and more powerful usability. Rebuilt using the latest .NET technology, Octane8 5.0 makes it easier to build, deploy and administer secure, robust, high-performing Web applications, Octigon says. A new rich client interface makes the software viewable in any Web browser, enabling Octane8 administrators and content editors to access the Octane8 "Webtop" application from any browser on any operating system. The new version also supports the deployment of sites using XHTML markup and Web standards for compatibility with handheld devices and accessibility for people with disabilities.

Open Text

New tools for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance enhance Livelink for Corporate Governance from Open Text. The company's new software tools include the ability to upload information from internal controls databases. Livelink for Corporate Governance offers a central place to manage corporate risks and internal controls, organize project teams and improve corporate governance compliance.


Paradigm is announcing the availability of Easyfile Document Management Software for the SMB/SME market in the United States. With 500 systems installed in Europe, in its third generation of development, Easyfile can include IBM's DB2 software as a default database engine or operate with SQL Server, My SQL, MS Jet/Access or Oracle. Easyfile is sold and supported through channel partners in the United States.

PensEra Knowledge Technologies

PensEra Knowledge Technologies announces TimeKM Mobile, a new component that lets mobile workers send and receive time and knowledge updates using a BlackBerry, GoodLink or combo data/mail device, such as the Treo 600. TimeKM Mobile also allows a mobile worker to use any basic e-mail service, such as MSN Hotmail, to share knowledge from wherever he or she is working. When a mobile worker submits a new knowledge item, TimeKM immediately updates the knowledgebase and simultaneously notifies all subscribers to that category by daily, weekly or monthly alerts. The automated notification process ensures that practice groups or project teams stay aware of current content updates and new developments, according to PensEra.


Primus Knowledge Solutions says its software enables companies to provide a quality customer experience via contact centers and self-service. Primus knowledge interaction management software provides direct answers to users' questions every time by accessing structured and unstructured data, while controlling access to content in a secure environment. Primus also provides electronic communication solutions, such as e-mail, Web, chat and SMS, to improve knowledge accessibility.


ReadSoft is launching a new generation of software called ReadSoft DOCUMENTS. It is a complete product platform for document automation that automates the entire life cycle of documents, from input to output. DOCUMENTS incorporates five automation areas: capture, understand, manage, integrate and interchange. The modular structure can be adjusted to fit specific business requirements. ReadSoft also offers a range of business solutions based on the DOCUMENTS platform. They are preconfigured solutions for automating a specific document type or business application. Available are business solutions for invoices, mailrooms, indexing and easy EDI.


Recommind, a provider of text management systems, announces MindServer 3.0, redesigned for flexibility and ease of implementation. The new release includes a streamlined GUI-based Administration Tool that simplifies configuration, while still allowing flexibility and control for administrators and users, according to the company. Recommind also announces MindServer Legal, a full-text, concept-based enterprise search system designed for law firms. With ability to connect to any document management system, database, file system or Web site, MindServer Legal can search more than 100 document formats and 30 languages.


The newest release of SERdistiller, SER's intelligent document recognition and data capture solution, not only offers self-learning capabilities to accelerate time to production, but also employs SERbrainware-based techniques to accurately extract data fields as well as line item detail from tables. The new capabilities further enhance SERdistiller's ability to understand the context of the document and make it an effective solution for automatically recognizing semi-structured forms such as invoices, SER says.


ServiceWare Technologies announces the release of ServiceWare Enterprise 5.5, with significant interface and feature enhancements. Enterprise combines structured knowledge access and unstructured search and collaboration tools for delivery of knowledge-powered support. It now supports UNICODE for knowledge in any language, including Asian double-byte languages. The release also introduces ServiceWare Agent, an alternative to ServiceWare Professional, the company's agent-facing tool. Agent combines the simplicity of ServiceWare's Self-Service user interface with the advanced search, contribution and integration capabilities of Professional. Agent also introduces new expertise location and collaboration capabilities, according to the company.


Softheon, a provider of business process software solutions, is announcing the availability of Softheon Process Optimization Framework for Claims Processing. The Framework melds imaging, document management and customized process workflow software with portal connectivity and legacy system integration tools, enabling users to drive content management and processes with the exactness required by the Six Sigma methodology, according to Softheon. The Softheon Framework also is said to integrate seamlessly with any existing CRM or claims system.


Staffware has launched Staffware Claims Management (SCM), a BPM solution tailored to the requirements of the Property & Casualty (P&C) insurance industry. SCM automates processes and tasks currently performed manually, enabling better management and control of the end-to-end claims supply chain. Customer service and productivity are improved through optimum process automation and STP (straight through processing).


Stellent says Universal Content Management 7.0 is the first and only solution that supports all five content management elements--Web content management, document management, records management, collaboration and digital asset management--with a single interface and platform. Version 7.0 includes new built-in DoD 5015.2-compliant records management functionality, multisite management capabilities, a high-volume repository that supports large volumes of content for imaging/digital asset management applications, and workflow support for business processes.


Groove Workspace 2.5, a team collaboration product, is seeing success with its Project Edition in industry and government. Its project management tools, created by TeamDirection, experienced success in Europe following release of the International Edition. The ability of users to actively engage in project communications in their native language is a plus, according to Jean-Michel Davault, managing director of Hommes & Process in France. The new version allows French users to interact with their German and English-speaking colleagues—a critical requirement in the European context.


TimeVision's products OrgBuilder and OrgPublisher for Intranets have been assisting human resources departments around the world to create and maintain dynamic organizational charts. Now a new use has been found for OrgPublisher. SPACEHAB, a NASA subcontractor, is implementing the software programs to track documents while creating and maintaining document trees.

Tower Software

Tower Software, a enterprise content management (ECM) company, BizTech solutions, and Microsoft are working on an initiative to integrate Tower's TRIM Context solution with Microsoft's SharePoint Technologies. The resulting solution enables users to search, retrieve, view, revise and submit documents to and from the TRIM Context records repository—all from a SharePoint Portal Server page, or from an area or site in the portal hierarchy. The integration will preserve the DoD 5015.2-STD compliance of the TRIM Context product. The SharePoint Portal Server and corresponding integration components will be submitted for DoD 5015.2-STD certification, paired with TRIM Context.


TripleHop Technologies, developer of context-sensitive search software, announces MatchPoint 3.0 OEM Edition, enabling vendors to easily integrate advanced search technology into enterprise software platforms. Features include: contextual search in which a contextual thesaurus helps disambiguate and expand queries based on enterprise knowledge and user profile; real-time indexing for immediate access to new documents; indexed and federated search of all enterprise information with a single query; results clustering for classification of search results along automatically generated topics; and fast response time.


Venetica's VeniceBridge enterprise content integration (ECI) platform enables multiple, disparate content repositories to work as a single unified system. Venetica says its ECI solutions help companies improve customer service, comply with regulations and consolidate operations following a merger. Recent product updates include additional Content Bridges for IBM DB2 Content Manager OnDemand and Lotus Notes.


Vignette announces availability of Vignette Application Portal 7.0, which has been certified by Vignette on the Sun Test and Compatibility Kit for compliance with the recently adopted JSR 168 portlet interoperability standard. With this move, VAP becomes one of the first JSR 168 certified portal solutions to reach the market, according to Vignette. The latest release of VAP provides enhanced localization of administrative consoles and multibyte support for compliance with Section 508, enabling disabled administrators to easily manage portal sites, and internationalization, allowing diverse administrators in multidialect regions to simultaneously use a common console.


Vivisimo, a provider of metasearch and clustering software for organizing search results, announces Release 4.0 of the Vivisimo Clustering Engine (VCE). The new release includes enhancements such as metadata clustering, which groups results based on such metadata as authors, dates, URLs, sources and metatags. The Show in Clusters feature lets users click on a search result and highlight all the clusters that contain that result. In addition, several advanced administration and management features like Web-based interface, XSLT integration and Knowledge Writer provide IT administrators with improved ability to manage users, sources, templates and customization.


Thomson Elite's West km is described as an innovative knowledge management service that allows legal professionals to access collective experience within the firm and to leverage the powerful content of Westlaw. West km was recently selected for implementation by Baker Donelson Berman Caldwell and Berkowitz, where more than 340 attorneys in nine offices across the Southeast will be able to access all of the firm's intellectual information resources through a simple search. West km is the only knowledge management system that enables firms to take advantage of the expertise of Westlaw and the knowledge of lawyers across the firm.

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