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Become a High-Performance Globally Collaborative Publisher

Enterprises are faced with an ever-demanding need to stay competitive by more efficiently reaching dispersed, global markets. They produce immense amounts of printed documents, yet they have never been considered as publishers. On the contrary, they are publishers and do require similar tools that are utilized by demanding commercial publishers.

Quasar Technologies was founded on the vision of building a solution for next-generation publishing. From the outset, we defined publishing as a global concept, for both commercial publishers and enterprises. Because enterprises are considered ‘document managers’ rather than professional publishers, they lack the fundamental tools and processes vital for efficient, high-quality globally collaborative publishing. We have brought these essential tools to enterprises, integrating them on an intelligent on-line workflow management platform that alleviates the need for highly skilled users.

Quasar’s ECP (Enterprise Content Publishing) System NUQLEO is built upon Ajax-based, Web 2.0 technologies that seamlessly bring high-end, on-line publishing tools, concepts and workflows that are utilized by demanding commercial publishers to the enterprise market. NUQLEO empowers you to adopt a globally collaborative, high-performance publishing environment to create and manage any type of printed materials in real-time. Users connect via browser to an easy-to-use, customizable web interface where they have access to only the functionality required for them to perform their higher-value-added tasks from anywhere in the world, while the sophisticated automation workflow engine of NUQLEO oversees and manages all the rest. Work redundancies, delays, and bottlenecks are eliminated, production levels are greatly increased and significant overall ROI is achieved. With NUQLEO, enterprises are stepped into next-generation globally collaborative publishing.

Quasar Technologies
c/ Alcalá, 59, 3 A
28014 Madrid, Spain
Tel: +34-915770650
Email: info@quasar-tech.com
Web: www.quasar-tech.com

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