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Critical KM Skills for the Future (Video)

Video produced by Steve Nathans-Kelly

At KMWorld 2019, Kim Glover,  TechnipFMC director, knowledge management, discussed the need for higher-level (human) knowledge-sharing skills in KM going forward.

Machines are going to learn and take over the backroom work, so humans can focus on higher-level knowledge sharing and partnerships for the larger enterprise. But while machines can take over the busy work, KM'ers have got to really work on the "people work," said Glover. "It's the people work, the thinking skills, the critical skills, the facilitation skills, these are actually the skills of the future. Because if we're going to be the sense-makers, if we're going to be the translators for all that wonderful stuff that the platforms and the AI stuff digs up for us, we need to know our stuff," Glover emphasized.

"Is anybody familiar with the Innovator's DNA?" Glover asked attendees. She said it is a 6-year report that was published by Harvard Business Review that names the five skills possesed by the world's most innovative CEOs and those five skills are associating, observing, questioning, networking, and experimenting, she explained.

"Does that sound like KM or what?" asked Glover. "Isn't it our job to teach people to fish out in the organization and to help spread all of these 'power skills,' which is what they called it at ExxonMobil in the previous presentation. They also added collaboration and innovation. I think it is our job. There's a lot of stuff we can do to help the rest of our organizations get ready to be the translators and the sense-makers as well."

To access the full session, go to A303. KM Program for 2020 & Beyond

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