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Businesses will add a knowledge-guided engagement layer to CRM to cure CX malaise

CRM systems have been around for a while but have failed to deliver on the promise of great customer experiences. For example, Forrester’s CX Index has stagnated for the last three years with not a single company getting the top rating of “excellent”. The top deterrents to good CX, according to another Forrester survey, turned out to be lack of agent knowledgeability and inconsistency of answers, pointing to the dire need of adding a knowledge-enabled engagement layer to CRM.

Often called systems of record, CRM systems capture and maintain customer data. While they “keep the lights on”, guiding customers and contact center agents to answers, resolution, and advice is not their forte. Hence the need for a knowledge-guided engagement layer. Here are examples from our blue-chip clientele:

•Premier Communication Service Provider (CSP) uses our knowledge and AI-guided engagement layer in tandem with their home-grown CRM system to provide digital customer service at scale to millions of consumers.

•Fortune 500 financial services firm uses knowledge-guided engagement, layered on Salesforce CRM, to handle customer queries such as account management, chargebacks, reports, tax statements, and troubleshooting.

•High-growth SaaS client uses knowledge-guided engagement, layered on Salesforce CRM, to answer customer questions pertaining to benefits enrollment and changes. The results? Agent confidence up 60%, AHT down by 67%, and answer consistency up 62%!

2020 may very well be the year when forward-thinking companies get ahead of the pack in CX (and AX, i.e. agent experience) by layering CRM with knowledge-guided engagement.

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