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BI Market Positioning Statement

Exsys Corvid is the knowledge engine of a successful BI initiative. BI systems provide vast amounts of data—now empower your employees to use it effectively.

Analytical layers condense and visually display BI data. However, making practical use of information requires knowledge and understanding. A company’s top experts have the necessary knowledge, but BI initiatives often fail because they make data very widely available without also providing the knowledge needed to use it effectively.

By capturing the problem-solving knowledge of your business experts, Exsys systems analyze business data to provide decision-making advice. They analyze the BI data in very complex, logical and probabilistic ways; and provide all users with situation-specific recommendations comparable to what they get from experts.

Systems can be integrated with other BI processes to automatically process data invisibly; or fielded via interactive online sessions that combine BI system data with other factors that may not be in the BI system, such as regulatory and company policy rules. Reports can be automatically generated, with deployments including PDAs and emails.

For 25 years Exsys software has enabled non-programmers to easily build knowledge automation systems that vastly enhance BI system capabilities. Now businesses are realizing the full promise of BI by leveraging corporate data into correct and effective employee actions company-wide. Contact Exsys for a free Web conference to determine the most effective approach for enhancing your BI with top-level expert advice. Demos, case studies and professional services consulting are available.

Exsys Inc.
2155 Louisiana Blvd., Suite 3100
Albuquerque, NM 87110 U.S.A.

Phone: +1.505.888.9494
Fax: +1.505.888.9509
E-mail: info@exsys.com
Web: www.exsys.com

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