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Achieve Content Agility in 2020

Knowledge Management (KM) teams that bridge silos of knowledge and make meaningful information available to people when they need it, in the manner that they want it, will deliver real business impact in 2020 and beyond. These teams will methodically develop actions from business goals, and coordinate and balance those actions across four dimensions: people, process, technology, and content.

People: People must be at the center of all KM plans. Developing personas will help KM teams align the right mix of KM enablers to deliver business results by understanding goals and biases of roles.

Process: There are two foundational KM processes: knowledge delivery and knowledge assembly. Considering how and where to curate, tag, summarize, and understand content, and how to develop relationships between content assets, contributors, consumers, and topics is critical to KM success.

Technology: Both emerging and mature technologies must work together. The balancing act for next year will be to deliver technology in such a way that it addresses unique business needs while eliminating silos and not creating new ones. This requires a well-conceived technical architecture.

Content: Content strategy represents the heart of KM. Effective and efficient KM requires well-considered content and metadata models to facilitate knowledge in the flow of work. Content structure and storage is even more critical as technology advances and user expectations grow.

There is a unique opportunity in 2020 to deliver meaningful business results through KM. The greatest results will be delivered by KM teams that and think across people, process, technology, and content to develop and address real business needs.

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