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AI 50 Trailblazer: Deloitte - How the future of work is shaping knowledge management

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Knowledge has been and will continue to be a key competitive differentiator when it comes to driving organizational performance. The power of people and machines working together offers the greatest opportunity for creating knowledge in human history. However, advanced technologies, new ways of working, and shifts in workforce composition are rendering traditional views of knowledge management obsolete. To capitalize on these changes, many organizations need to redefine how they promote knowledge creation to help maximize human potential at work.

Rapid technological advances have poised knowledge management to evolve from a static, back-office activity focused on documenting and warehousing information to a dynamic, AI-powered platform that enables organizations to create, understand, and act on knowledge more effectively than ever before. To be able to take advantage of these emerging technologies, organizations need to marry two critical elements: the physical systems and infrastructures to support the technology, and the processes, incentives, and culture that encourage people to use it. Organizations that succeed on both fronts will be well positioned to create and act on knowledge in ways that drive tangible results.

Deloitte’s Knowledge Management practice helps organizations utilize their strategies and achieve their goals by applying innovative knowledge management solutions. To share and retain vast amounts of knowledge, we implement digital workplace tools that provide a similar experience with which employees are familiar from day-to-day usage, such as knowledge management strategy, workflow processes, governance model, search engines, social networks, and bots.

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