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8 Benefits of AI-Based File-Save Assistance (Video)

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Watch the complete video of this presentation in the KMWorld Conference 2018 Video Portal. 

In his presentation at KMWorld 2018 on AI-enabled intelligent assistants, Trevor Cookson, M-Files AI product manager, considered the advantages of File-Save applications, and the key characteristics that need to be registered when saving in order to successfully search for a document in the future. 

These include:

  1. language detection
  2. duplicate management
  3. document classification
  4. metadata extraction
  5. access for PII
  6. key topic matters, concepts, and document features
  7. workflow initaitions
  8. application of security settings

“When you are saving a file, what should be going on in the background? Something as simple as language detection—is it actually natural language? Is it a log file? Is it XML? Is it in English or French, German?” he said. 

“These are pretty relevant things when you're trying to search for it at a later point in time,” Cookson said, because once someone knows what it is, they know what they need from it. For example, he said, “Once I know it's an invoice I want to know the customer, I want to know the due-date. I want to know the amount. And when you start to get into that next level of information extraction, which once you know what it is, you can get to this next level.” 

Commenting on the need for taxonomies and ontologies, Cookson noted, “I've heard so much conversation about taxonomies and ontologies and, personally, I think that's an erroneous way to go about it, because we're going back to having to ask a bunch of people to work in a repetitive fashion in a continuous nature in perpetuity. And that will never happen. It won't.” 

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