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5 benefits of AI-based collaboration assistance (Video)

In a presentation at KMWorld 2018, Trevor Cookson, M-Files AI product manager, discussed the advantages of AI-powered collaboration assistance, using an example of a colleague asking for information.

“The example that I've got, here is Office 365,” said Cookson, explaining that a colleague is asking for information that is needed tomorrow. “And we get emails like this every day, all day long. If the tool's smart enough to index the documents and the interactions, and understood some time sensitivities, it's actually brought this to my attention because he needs it for tomorrow. “ 

Cookson continued, “If you were able then to surface it and assess options, could you say, well, I understand what you were making reference to, I know what we've been working on, this is I think the document you're seeking—in which case we can formulate, build an email, and send it off.” 

From a digital perspective, the key requirements are to assess, surface, consider, act, and rationalize. “Those principles are no different than actually understanding a document. It's understanding spoken word, it's all based with grammar.” 

Continuing the explanation, Cookson posed the example of someone working on a document with a colleague who takes Friday afternoon off, then comes back on Monday morning, and asks this question: "What was changed?"

In this case, the person would not explain each formatting change. "You'd say, well, I changed the ROI, I found a better reference to explain in English—concepts that you changed. In this case, you should be able to get to a state where you can send a document around and that'll actually show you material changes.” 

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