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2020 Readers Choice Award - Best Knowledge Graphs: Stardog

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Today’s data landscape is increasingly hybrid, varied, and changing. The emergence of IoT, rise in unstructured data volume, and increasing frequency and complexity of analytics requests all contribute to the need for a more flexible data management solution. Furthermore, the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation, stressing the need to answer complex questions across business units.

Stardog’s Enterprise Knowledge Graph platform is purpose-built for connecting data across your enterprise.
No other company combines graph, inference and virtualization to unify data based on its meaning, without requiring copying the data. Plus our ability to sustain multiple versions of the truth makes Stardog ideal for managing conditional business processes and instances where global teams need different views on the same data.

Companies including BNY Mellon, Schneider Electric and NASA rely on Stardog to create a dynamic, reusable data fabric to power countless use cases. With Stardog, they’re able to go beyond the limitations of structured data management systems. Only Stardog can support the collaborative, cross-functional projects and products that are essential to creating and defending competitive advantage. Download our data fabric whitepaper to learn how Stardog powers effective digital transformations and successfully supports today’s complex, connected enterprise.

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