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2019 Readers Choice Award - Best E-Discovery: Copyright Clearance Center

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With more than 2 million scientific articles published each year, R&D organizations need tools that make it easy for users to find relevant content fast and extract insights to drive innovation. They also need tools to support distinct user groups’ unique workflows, information needs, and use cases for collaboration. Additionally, evolving authentication methods and the growth of new, innovative publishing models, bring further disruption to the information industry.

Organizations need a tool that:

♦ Leverages semantic ontologies to find relevant documents with a comprehensive search

♦ Provides deep insight into content usage for making data-driven content investments decisions

♦ Strengthens copyright-compliant sharing in a wide range of workflows to increase collaboration and drive innovation

♦ Is configurable and scalable to meet the changing needs of content users across their organization as it evolves

RightFind Enterprise is the award-winning data integration, content workflow, and data analytics solution that enables faster discovery and insights with immediate access to scientific literature and data. RightFind Enterprise also helps information managers demonstrate multi-source content ROI in minutes and supports copyright-compliant collaboration.

With 40 years’ experience working with content creators and users, CCC has a long history of providing efficient solutions to industry challenges. Whether working with venture-backed startups or multinational organizations with distributed R&D teams, RightFind Enterprise provides a single integrated and scalable solution to meet the evolving needs of today’s research organizations.

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