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Knowledge Management: The Foundation for a Superior Customer Experience

The challenges facing contact centers today have never been more daunting. How can organizations improve both the customer and agent experience while trying to prioritize technology investments with limited budgets?

In searching for the answer, most contact centers continue to overlook knowledge management. This foundational technology can improve customer service, empower agents, and reduce costs. When missing or incomplete, it can severely hamstring critical contact center objectives.

Modern knowledge management solutions are built to scale, include automated tools for fast deployment, and provide use cases for employees, agents and customers for significant ROI.

Today’s solutions are designed for a digital world where the customer journey often zig zags across multiple channels and devices. They enable organizations to quickly serve up consistent, personalized, and contextually relevant content where and when customers and agents need it most.

Most importantly, knowledge management solutions make it far easier for customers to solve problems on their own. They feed content to self-service tools like virtual assistants, chatbots, and IVRs—the content required for these tools to deliver a superior customer experience. And they extend that content to the place where most self-service journeys begin: Google.

By extending self-service to Google, companies tap into a goldmine of potential and existing customers who likely never would’ve made it to the contact center. The result? Exponentially greater ROI in the form of more net new customers, more upsell opportunities, increased brand loyalty, and greater thought leadership.

MindTouch understands how important these kinds of low-effort high-value self-service experiences are. That’s why we’ve built a knowledge management platform designed for scalability, fast deployment, and extensibility—a single point of truth for employees, agents, and customers no matter what tool, technology, or channel they prefer. No wonder brand name companies like Electrolux, Hitachi, Jaguar Land Rover, Moen, Verizon, Whirlpool, and others have turned to MindTouch for their knowledge management needs.

To learn more about how MindTouch can help you transform your customer journey for exponentially greater ROI, download our knowledge management whitepaper.

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