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2017 Award winners KM Promise and Reality
KM Promise

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The winners of the KM Promise and KM Reality awards were announced on Wed., Nov. 8, at the KMWorld 2017 Conference in Washington, D.C


Nanorep by LogMeIn

Nanorep by LogMeIn provides virtual assistants and smart bot solutions technologies for customer service and e-commerce. It harnesses white box artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities combined with patented natural language processing (NLP) technology to create ready-to-use, easy-to-deploy solutions designed to make self-service engaging, intuitive and conversational. It offers the ability for businesses to centralize customer data, making it easy for self-service solutions to pull customer information into conversations and ensuring messaging remains consistent and with context across touchpoints. The solution is designed to give customer service agents a “game-changing level of personalization,” the company says.

Nanorep helps agents deliver high-quality, personalized answers without the need for extensive and costly training. ?It equips internal customer service representatives with the information they need to be more knowledgeable of individual customer situations so they can resolve issues more quickly, accurately and consistently. Nanorep’s knowledge management platform provides content that leverages a customer’s specific user profile, account details or history with a company. That enables agents to spend less time searching for relevant content and to focus on solving the customer issue faster.

Nanorep automatically integrates content from a website’s FAQs, CRM, financial system, customer knowledgebase and external knowledge sources. As a brand’s content grows, the platform’s self-learning engine continues to absorb new information, quickly adjusting to deliver the right responses accurately and contextually. Nanorep’s customer service bot can recognize geolocation and uses context-enriching technology to offer relevant answers based on customer profiles and personal account information. When a virtual assistant can’t provide an answer, the chatbot understands where to redirect the customer and facilitates the transfer, sharing insight on the initial engagement with a live agent so the customer doesn’t have to start from the beginning.

Beyond offering fast and easy support across all touchpoints, Nanorep’s knowledge management capabilities embedded within its chatbot ensure that all information is updated and accurate, providing consistent answers across channels. The solution not only creates the necessary access to support resources, but also provides consumers with a knowledgeable resource that constantly evolves to effectively meet their customer service needs.

Chegg, a student-first connected learning platform, launched Nanorep to help stabilize the seasonal spikes of call center agents. With the introduction of the solution, Chegg was able to minimize agent hiring for seasonal spikes and maintain outstanding service levels across channels.


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