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2011 KMWorld Reality award finalist: MindTree

MindTree Limited

MindTree Limited is widely recognized as one of India's leading mid-sized IT and product engineering services companies, based on our ability to deliver innovative solutions; make our customers successful; and keep our employees (MindTree Minds) happy. Critical to these efforts is the unique Knowledge Ecosystem at MindTree, which allows us to harnesses the knowledge and the ideas of our people, resulting in innovation, better service delivery and organizational learning.

At MindTree, we believe that Knowledge Management (KM) and innovation are inseparable, and we have established systems, processes and a culture that helps us to continuously build our intellectual capital. We believe that Knowledge Management is most valuable when it acknowledges relationships and social capital in concert with best practices and time-tested outcomes, which is why we have implemented a socio-technical approach.

MindTree's KM function focuses on building a knowledge ecosystem defined in four spaces where MindTree Minds interact to create value. These include a physical space conducive to knowledge facilitation; a social space for in-person knowledge communities, networks and events; a virtual space that allows workers to share information globally; and the mind space for personal development and creative thinking techniques.

These spaces empower MindTree Minds to grow, build their capability, and impact the customer, with MindTree's C.L.A.S.S. values at the core.

  • Caring-requires empathy, trust; needed to enable sharing and individual push of knowledge
  • Learning-required for individual pull of knowledge
  • Achieving-high performance requires resourcefulness and heavy reliance on knowledge
  • Sharing-active cooperation; requires fair process, openness, transparency
  • Social Responsibility-an outward extension of all the above values

The award-winning MindTree KM function implements initiatives that co-create strategy and support the company's pillars of business growth. As an example, MindTree's new 5 x 50 program, which originated at the company's annual technology fest called Osmosis "unconference", incubates emerging business opportunities by raising intrapreneurs. The program gives MindTree Minds the opportunity to build a $50 million business using their own ideas and playing a leadership role of their choice. The idea campaigns are initiated using Neuron-MindTree's Innovation Management platform.

To ensure that MindTree continuously evolves, the KM function also focuses on understanding the next generation workforce to build KM strategies for the future. MindTree has invested in primary research on GenY and is currently engaged in incorporating the insights in its social platform-Konnect. These insights aide in redrafting people policies and making changes to learning management, all of which contribute significantly to better employee engagement.

At MindTree, innovation, knowledge sharing and collaboration extend through all three of our DNA elements, beginning with imagination, extending into action, and culminating in joy. We believe that the human ability to create new knowledge and lead with ideas is central to personal as well as business success.

MindTree Limited
Sagar Paul, Chief Knowledge Officer,
Tel: +91 80 6706 4000

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