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2006 KMWorld Promise and Reality Finalists: KANA

Improve service through all channels with KANA IQ. What could be smarter?

KANA IQ is a comprehensive knowledge-based solution that improves the quality, speed and consistency of service through every channel—from call centers to Web self-service.

KANA IQ gives you a single database for customer information and answers, so you can deliver the same high level of service to every customer, every time. And, it integrates with your existing knowledge and customer service systems so you leverage your technology and service investments.

Boost contact center efficiency. KANA IQ puts information at the fingertips of every call center agent while they're on the phone, so issues are resolved quickly and customers are happier. With multiple search and retrieval methods designed for the novice and expert alike, KANA IQ guides agents to a fast resolution, and turns inexperienced agents into experts with minimal training.

Enhance Web self-service. Use KANA IQ to power your Web self-service—and set your customers free to find their own answers whenever they want, with easy escalation to online collaboration and chat.

Over 600 companies worldwide rely on KANA, and KANA IQ is one more reason why. It's a multi-channel world, and KANA is the one solution you need.

KANA Software
181 Constitution Drive
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Phone: 800.737.8738
E-mail: sales@kana.com
Web: www.kana.com

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