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2005 KMWorld Promise and Reality Awards Finalists: KANA

When it comes to customer service and knowledge, KANA has set itself apart. While a simple knowledge base or content repository may contain organizational data, it often does not help agents and customers successfully resolve inquiries and issues in a timely manner. A traditional knowledgebase relies solely on search capability and provides far too many answer options, leading to frustrated agents and customers who still don¹t have a resolution to their problem.

KANA has differentiated itself with KANA IQ, the solution for enterprise knowledge management and customer service optimization. More advanced than basic search, KANA guides agents and customers through the resolution process with search and retrieval techniques including diagnostic scripts, clarifying questions, and natural language queries that go far beyond standard search. KANA IQ has the unique capability to access data sources whether they reside within the organization or externally.

KANA promises its customers that KANA IQ will achieve a simple goal:
improve access to the information needed to quickly and accurately resolve customer service inquiries across all channels. KANA IQ increases customer satisfaction and reduces overall service costs by improving the accuracy of responses to customer requests, reducing response times and deflecting inquiries from the phone to lower cost channels such as email and the web.

Founded in 1996, KANA provides the industry¹s leading Customer Service solutions to the largest businesses in the world, helping them to improve customer satisfaction, reduce service costs, and increase revenues. By providing award winning solutions for call centers, email and web self-service, KANA has become the fastest-growing provider of customer service technology. Built on the industry¹s most advanced Web architecture, KANA¹s comprehensive suite of customer service solutions enables enterprises to transform their customer care operations and resolve inquiries faster and more accurately across multiple channels.

KANA's solutions are in use at approximately half of the world¹s largest 100 companies.

181 Constitution Drive
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Phone: 1.800.737.8738
E-mail: sales@kana.com
Web: (www.kana.com)

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