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Trend-Setting Products of 2014: Brainspace: Brainspace for Business™

Brainspace for Business is a Knowledge Sharing and Discovery solution using machine learning to build organizational connectedness between employees and knowledge.

Learning from the collective activity and intelligence of the organization, Brainspace produces a unique and powerful knowledge asset—The Enterprise Brain. Layered over an organization’s existing information sources, and persistently connected to hyper-relevant sources of content, Brainspace unlocks the knowledge that sits trapped within organizational silos, servers and the minds of employees. It helps businesses understand, connect and interact with their unstructured information and data in a way that creates meaning and intelligence. Brainspace for Business is a new breed of intelligently connected work experiences driving the knowledge-focused connected enterprise.

Your company is full of ideas. See what happens when you connect them.

Brainspace Corporation
2130 Commerce Street
Dallas, Texas 75201 USA

Email: Sales@brainspace.com
Tel (Sales): 1-800-252-0959
Tel (Gen): 1-214-785-2400
Web: http://brainspace.com/

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