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Trend-Setting Products of 2013: Empolis: Smart Diagnostics

Smart Diagnostics — Problem detected, Problem solved

Empolis Smart Diagnostics is a software platform for predictive maintenance and non-linear guided troubleshooting. It provides relevant service knowledge to service organizations, service partners and end customers. Predictive analytics runs on the platform by combining rules, dynamic decision trees and automatic analysis of your existing cases, e.g. in ticketing systems — case-based reasoning (CBR). CBR empowers early error detection and resolution identification by applying similar incidents from the past to the current case. Automatic ad-hoc inferences gradually narrow down potential problem sources to identify the most probable cause by asking smartly generated questions to deliver solutions to problems before they actually become critical.

With Smart Diagnostics, you can provide consistent support across every possible contact channel: first level (call center or self-service portal), second level (on-site service) and third level (experts/development). Furthermore, service costs will be reduced, interactions with the customer and on-site repair times will be cut, the success rate of initial on-site visits will increase dramatically, resulting in much higher availability levels and minimal downtimes. The solution increases added value through service-generated revenue and heightens employee and customer satisfaction. Beyond that, ongoing analysis and results from the service process automatically flow back into product development. It's not surprising that companies like Bosch have Empolis Smart Diagnostics in place for this purpose.


  • Be predictive - avoid trouble instead of fixing it
  • Increase the service margin - lower service costs
  • Shorten interactions with the customer and on-site repair time
  • Reduce follow-up work and costs for spare parts
  • Prevent your organization from service piracy
  • Lower warranty costs by ongoing analysis of service cases and feedback processes to improve quality and optimize product development
  • Transform your service from a cost center to a profit center  

Empolis Information Management GmbH
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Tel.: +49 (631) 68037 0
Fax: +49 (631) 68037 77

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