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Trend-Setting Product of 2016: Mindbreeze: InSpire

Mindbreeze: More than a GSA replacement appliance

The market for innovative search solutions is in a state of perpetual change and evolution, as attested in the survey “Let Modern Search Solutions Be ‘the Brains’ of Your Enterprise.” At a time when the global economy sits on a knife’s edge, intelligent knowledge management based on enterprise search can be the competitive differentiator.

It’s the insight engine for your enterprise that enables people to engage with information in a new way. Mindbreeze InSpire illuminates your company’s data, makes big data manageable and creates value for business users. It captures a company’s total structured and unstructured information, and quickly and efficiently recognizes semantic correlations to ensure easy access to all company knowledge. It thus gives users a thorough overview of a given subject through semantic analyses, natural language understanding, and delivering relevant information through personalized contextualization.

Even a breeze can blow your mind!


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