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Trend-Setting Product of 2016: ASG: Enterprise Data Intelligence Solution

ASG, the leading provider of information access, management and control for every enterprise, understands what it takes to get value from data, content and documents. ASG Enterprise Data Intelligence is the only solution available to offer zero-gap data lineage at its core. Every data movement and transformation is tracked with confidence. ASG unlocks the relationships between data items across the enterprise or individual lines of business.

ASG Enterprise Data Intelligence builds a rounded understanding of data assets by uniting business and technical analysis. With extensive data source coverage, you can trace the movement of data in data warehouses and big data environments on premise, in the cloud or distributed. While a comprehensive view into data lineage is vital, other features will help businesses quickly make data-driven decisions for greater success.

ASG Enterprise Data Intelligence includes an enterprise repository, application discovery features, metadata capture, and business glossary and reference data capabilities. Businesses using ASG gain:

  • Real time monitoring and scanning of more than 220 metadata sources
  • An information knowledge base with easily customizable models and metadata capture
  • Analysis of data lineage between data stores and within applications code
  • A direct connection between business and technical views of information

Get a faster, more accurate view of how your business operates with ASG Enterprise ?Data Intelligence solution. You can accelerate, simplify and improve the credibility of compliance requests and maintain the trusted data to support critical business decisions at the speed your business needs.

708 Goodlette Rd
NorthNaples, FL 34102

PH: 800.932.5536 or 239.435.2200
Fax: 800.325.2555 or 239.263.3692
Email: sales@asg.com
Web: www.asg.com

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